The End of the Isiah Era As We Know It

Sadly, a part of all of the blog intelligentsia will die fairly soon, because Isiah Thomas will no longer be responsible for the Knicks’ personnel choices in a short time — James Dolan wants to bring in former Knick and former Nuggets GM Kiki Vandeweghe to take the front office reins from the beleaguered Thomas (who is telling Stephon Marbury to stay far away from Madison Square Garden when the Knicks are in town.)

And, in possibly the most demeaning move one can make, Thomas is expected to be asked to stay on as the head coach after having some of his power taken away. This rarely works well — the only really good example I can think of where this has panned out in any sport is when Mike Holmgren lost his GM power in Seattle, and he didn’t even come anywhere near a track record this poor.

Vandeweghe’s successors in Denver have been much more aggressive personnel-wise than he had — bringing in AI to go with Melo is not a move Kiki necessarily would have made (at least I don’t think so), but anyone would be an improvement over the current mess the Knicks find themselves in with Isiah doing too much in both roles as GM and coach. If the Vandeweghe rumors turn out not to be true, the other rumored candidates include Jerry Colangelo and Jerry West (aiming high, aren’t we, Jimmy?)


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