Cheap Shots #113

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1:30 PM

More Free Agency Ish: Mostly jacked from PFT again, with more pithy/useless bits from yours truly

  • Tedy Bruschi back with the Pats once again. Necessary.
  • Todd Collins of the miracle run to the playoffs for the Skins re-ups to be Jason Campbell’s back-up.
  • Whither Randy Moss? The Pats need to get him back, obviously. Panthers supposedly in the mix.
  • Josh McCown to the Dolphins. Raiders are fucked (as if they weren’t already, right?)
  • The Bengals might just have themselves a defense at some point. Dealing for Shaun Rogers from the Lions ensures they can at least stop the run.
  • Tatum Bell to replace Julius Jones in Dallas? Could work as a back-up for Marion Barber.
  • Brian Griese suffers ignominious fate as the only QB the Chicago Bears don’t want to hold on to.


11:45 AM

Just So This Doesn’t Die In the Ether: I’m currently watching pre-season baseball between the Dodgers and the Braves, and someone came back from break early at ESPN and left Peter Gammons’ mic on long enough to hear him say, “I took my steroids this morning.”

MMA Working Way Onto Networks: EliteXC (a UFC competitor) is working out an agreement with CBS. [Sports Media Watch]

NFL Free Agency Ish: Cribbing via Hashmarks and PFT today on this stuff:

  • O-lineman Alan Faneca waiting for offers from Rams, Jets, and 49ers (prob $8 million per year)
  • Bengals safety Madieu Williams now a Viking
  • Giants LB Kawika Mitchell headed upstate to Buff-a-lo to hit some people upside the head with Paul Posluzny
  • Rams and Isaac Bruce part ways
  • Jets’ Jonathan Vilma dealt to Saints — NO needs any defensive personnel it can get its hands on
  • Asante Samuel rumored to head to the Iggles
  • Josh McCown visiting the Fins. This is a “why does anyone care?” entry, but it actually does matter — the flux that the Raiders are perennially in is not a place where JaMarcus Russell is ready to thrive, and having McCown in Oakland was a benefit last season.


10:30 AM

The Rocket and the FBI: The gov’t agency has opened an investigation into the pitcher; meanwhile, his friends at the Houston Astros aren’t so sure about his personal services contract and presence. The ride is only going to get bumpier. One of the few times I’ve agreed with Skip Bayless: yesterday, he said something about Clemens having built up hero status in much of America on a Favre-like level, explaining why this had gotten so big. [NYT]

Anderson Returning to the Browns: Re-ups for a multi-year deal; fuels more of the “what do we do with Brady Quinn” talk while Quinn has more time to do Subway ads. [ESPN]

Bobby Knight, Analyst: I’m not sure that this will end well. [Awful Announcing]

How Soon Will the Testicles Go to Boston?: Sam Cassell gets himself his buyout and $1.7 million. Has to clear waivers, apparently already destined for the Celtics. [LAT]

Leaving a Noose of a Note: Apparently Golf Network analyst Kelly Tilghman had a noose hanging outside her old home yesterday. Completely beyond the pale, as were her “lynch Tiger” joke comments. [Sports by Brooks]

A Public Service: It’s amazing how little ink or MBs the impending move of the Seattle SuperSonics gets outside of Seattle and/or NBA blogs. If you read this collection of fan letters to Bill Simmons and don’t think the departure is a travesty….I don’t know what to say. [ESPN]

Refuting the Brad Lidge Narrative: Of course, it comes from a Phillies fan, but that doesn’t make it wrong. [Crashburn Alley]

Interviewing Lisa Guerrero: Michael Rand asks the former MNF sideline reporter a few questions. [RandBall]

Happy Birthday!: To this list of folks who were born on a leap year. [You Been Blinded]


3 Responses

  1. Larry Fitzgerald hasn’t re-upped with the Buzzsaw yet, although talks are ongoing. Also, LB Calvin Pace is visiting the Fish today, and it looks like 3rd WR Bryant Johnson might be a cap casualty. I hope they have a WR on their draft board…

  2. Larry Fitzgerald’s situation is more like a restructuring — they need to move money to that back end or they’re fucked on the cap.

  3. Tatum would be better off with the Phins..

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