Above The Rim: Why Are The Heat Shown On TV?

(It must just be the perception, but this photo is funny to me.)

Lakers 106, Heat 88 – The Miami Heat have quickly become the best argument for some form of flex-scheduling for ESPN and TNT to work on with the league — the Lakers drubbing the Heat on the way to a 10th straight win is a prime example. Jordan Farmar led with 24 points off the bench for a career high, while Kobe chipped 21. Pau Gasol was one of four Lakers with double digits in boards; Dwyane Wade had 18 in the loss.

Spurs 97, Mavericks 94 – 31 and 15 boards for Tim Duncan last night, but I’m confused still because I watched the end of this game while at work — and Jason Kidd was sitting on the fucking bench for the last 30 seconds of the game as it basically goes to fouls and free throws. Why? Anyway, Ginobili had 17, Nowitzki had 28 and Josh Howard 16.

Nets 120, Bucks 106 – Yeah, I think New Jersey got the better end of the Kidd trade right now, but the Bucks suck, so that’s not a great metric. Devin Harris scoring 21 points in his first game as a Net is a pretty good indicator, and getting a bunch of double digit point games from Vince Carter, Richard Jefferson, Josh Boone, and Marcus Williams helps.

Photo: AP/Kevork Djansezian


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