Cheap Shots #112

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10:45 AM

Fehr Open to HGH Testing: Possibly, if a reliable test can actually be developed. [AP/Yahoo]

Another Take On Wrigley: Contacting a fan from the beyond about the Cubs’ stadium’s previous names. [Foul Balls]


8:45 AM

Clemens’ Fall From Grace: D-Wil takes his usual insightful look at the parallels currently forming between the Rocket and Barry Bonds. [Sports on My Mind]

Drayton McLane Isn’t Completely Thrilled About the Rocket’s Presence: Actually, he’s probably more concerned with the media presence than Clemens’ particular problems themselves. Bet on that. [AP/ESPN]

Kentucky, Back From The Dead: Wait. You mean after that load of suck early on, Billy Clyde Gillispie has them one game behind the Vols right now in the SEC? Damn. [Sports Lounge Blog]

Reviewing The Continuity of Little Big League: Why, I don’t know, but I found it amusing. [The Money Shot]

Kevin Bacon Just Wants to Dance: Via Deuce of Davenport, we find Mr. Six Degrees at a Knicks game.


2 AM

Stringer Joins Summitt and Conradt: Rutgers’ women’s hoops coach got her 800th win with a victory over DePaul. Stringer’s path took her from Cheyney State to Iowa, and then to Piscataway. [ESPN]

Spiezio Cut By Cards: Guess there is a limit, and probably having that warrant out after being in rehab didn’t help, so Scott Spiezio is no longer a Cardinal. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

Cassell to Celts Not So Inevitable: It figures that Donald Sterling would decide he really wants to win again and may not let Sam Cassell out of his contract. But, that’s completely up to him, no matter how much he decides to fuck up the Clippers yet again. [Boston Globe]

Redskins Cut Lloyd; Still Want Ocho Cinco: I still say it’s a bad idea. [Washington Post]

Sir Charles Will Be With TNT For A While: Good. [The Starting Five]

Pete Carroll’s Now Hawking T-Shirts: Buy one of these “Win Forever” shirts and you too can piss excellence every day while being a demi-god in SoCal! [Sporting Blog]

How To Get The Vols in Line: I fear Pat Summitt. I’m pretty sure that one would work. [EDSBS]

MJ Loses $15K on the Golf Course to LT: Love to be a third in or the caddy for that group, and I hate playing golf. [Palm Beach Post — scroll to the bottom]


2 Responses

  1. Jeez, did he comb his hair with a caramel apple?


  2. Something about purposely styled bed-head is awful.

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