The Bears Like Their QBs Marginal

Thanks to Rumors and Rants, I’ve been alerted to the fact that both Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman have signed one-year contracts with Chicago, once again continuing the Bears tradition of holding onto mediocre quarterbacks and hoping that everything will coalesce around them into regular success (and praying that the defense takes no hits or injuries this upcoming season.)

So it’s Orton, Grossman, and quite possibly a QB picked up in the first round (but that’s probably not likely) with the potential to start for a team that’s suffering through a lousy running game from last season and could only point to sweeping the Packers as a highlight last season.

I’m still trying to figure out how staying at status quo makes the Bears any better offensively. Yes, if the O-line can keep Orton or Grossman upright, it always helps, but the poor decisions by either one can offset that. How much faith can you have in two players that can’t really win games for you if they have to?

At least we’ll have more drunk Orton photos to run with for a while.


2 Responses

  1. I’ll just cross-post the comment I made in Livejournal’s nflfans community on this topic, if you don’t mind…

    From what I’ve heard there isn’t dick for QBs in this draft. Veteran free agent QBs who aren’t mediocre are expensive, and the McCaskey family doesn’t do expensive. So with that in mind, this move makes perfect sense: stand pat on your known quantities and save your cap money for a more productive RB, which will make either QB look better.

    Anybody who thinks that the future of the league is in Peyton Manning/Tom Brady precision passing attacks, and so the Bears will eventually adapt to that and get a marquee QB doesn’t know their ownership very well. They’d rather lose playing “Chicago Bears football” on the cheap than change philosophies.

    — Ajax.

  2. The Bears just don’t care about winning, but the team parties will kick ass.

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