Cheap Shots #110

Yay, so we’re back on something resembling semi-regular. Send your tips and links to the email address on your left; this gets updated during the day as events warrant, so come back.


10:45 AM

Yao Done For Season: Stress fracture in his foot. Say goodbye to the Rockets’ playoffs hopes, I believe. Good for the Nuggets, but they can still blow it and let Houston stay in it. [ESPN]


10:15 AM

Bush Skips Out on Deposition: Lloyd Lake’s lawyers claim it’s because the NCAA wants any depositions for use in its investigation of whether Reggie Bush took money while at USC. [AP via Yahoo]

Big Trouble in Little Iowa City: Why hasn’t Kirk Ferentz been fired yet? He’s having a fun off-season with even more arrests of football players on his watch at Iowa. [Wizard of Odds]

Making the Leap: I-AA football coaches who could find themselves in I-A soon. [Digital Headbutt]

Kind of a Big Deal: I’m still trying to determine whether Lozo’s interview of Will Ferrell is fake or not (leaning towards fake) becasue he could be that nasty to his co-stars and pass it off as a character. [Why Don’t We Get Drunk And Blog]

Sharapova, Now Influential: Apparently a nine-year old Aussie girl’s grunts got her banned from a tennis court. Silly. [Sports by Brooks]


12:45 AM

Brighter Focus on Clemens: The feds are undertaking the beginnings of a perjury case against the Rocket, apparently. I’m not sure there’s actually enough to go with — if there’s enough to really get Clemens on the hook, but if the feds have something on you, they will find it and use it against you in court. [NYT]

Speaking of Steroids: MLB and its players union will be meeting soon to try and hammer out where they can get some common ground on more regular and better testing for PEDs. This is the right approach, rather than the used car salesman decreeing from on high (as if anyone would listen.) [Fox Sports]

Foppa Back in Colorado: Never should have left in the first place. A reunited Peter Forsberg and Joe Sakic with a corps of Avs players might get them to the playoffs — probably not exactly a dominant team in any sense still, but at least there’s more to believe in. Now, if the NHL could get a decent TV deal going. [Denver Post]

Someone Get Brian Some Meds: I’m concerned — our dear friend One More Dying Quail is expressing some concern, comparing the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays to the 1969 Mets. Calm down, Red Sox fan. [One More Dying Quail]

Name of the Year Bracket for 2008: I’m predicting a 12-5 upset in the Chrotchtangle Region, as Fonda Dicks looks like a serious contender over Baffelly Woo. My choice for early champion favorite? Alpacino Beauchamp. [Name of the Year]


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