Oh, Just Give Him The Damn Ball Already

Michael Silver’s latest column at Yahoo Sports mulls the topic of ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson making a Deion-like return to the playing field next season, if someone will offer the right price for him — and the names Silver floats as potential teams are the Redskins, Buccaneers (really, after all that mess he went through with Gruden?) and since Bill Parcells runs things in South Beach now, the Dolphins.

I am all for this in ways you cannot imagine. After Key tore apart Chad Johnson in an interview (completely unfairly, it was an ambush) during the season, I’d had enough of him on television — another useless jock with a microphone in order to bestow some form of “credibility” to NFL coverage when what ESPN needed was fewer voices of clutter.

So, if someone’s that dumb or desperate in an NFL front office, please offer Johnson the world to get him out of Bristol and off my set. As far as an actual host and presenter, he’s horribly wooden (witnessed by the first day of his stint filling in on Jim Rome is Burning yesterday; say what you will about Rome, but at least he knows how to read a prompter while speaking in what could be considered a nomal speech pattern.)


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