Cheap Shots #108

God, I don’t like any of the topics going around today.

Coach Hobo and Scott Pioli Address Taping: Belichick and the Pats’ GM say they have never taped a walkthrough, and minimize the role of Matt Walsh in terms of taping — saying he also got fired because he taped conversations with Pioli. [Boston Globe]

Six Degrees Will Get You From Andy Pettitte to Jenna Jameson: The investigation into the Yankee hurler’s HGH use gets even more bizarre, involving a gym run by a childhood friend with a business partner who used to work in a strip club (there’s the Jameson connection), and reveals that the former mayor of Pasadena, TX (Pettitte’s hometown) is named John Manlove. Amusingly, his daughter (who works at said gym) is Melody Manlove. [New York Daily News]

East Tops West: I admit that my friend and I checked out of this one early to watch UCLA/USC and then were enthralled for the fourth quarter. [AP/Yahoo]

Kevin, O.J., Stick Around, Both of You: After watching a portion of the game at the Galen Center, I remain convinced that both Love and Mayo should be staying in the college ranks for another year. The only freshmen I’ve seen on TV who approach NBA ready to me are Michael Beasley and Eric Gordon.  Also, USC, please never wear the black uniforms again. [LAT]

Trades, Trades, Trades: Mike Bibby to the ATL for Tyronn Lue, Shelden Williams, and a couple others? Nice going, Hawks. As for the efforts to get Jason Kidd to Dallas? When you’re trying to get Keith frickin’ Van Horn in the deal (which might get scuttled), maybe it’s time to try and win with what you have. I really don’t think Kidd, for all his distribution skill, will add enough to make up for what the Mavericks will lose in depth in the deal. [Dallas Morning News, Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

First Family of Punting’s Latest Scion Gets Busted: Britton Colquitt will miss the first five games of Tennessee’s 2008 season and his scholarship due to hitting a parked car while drunk. This is not nearly as impressive as Colquitt’s three underage drinking citations in a 12-day span in 2003. [Nashville Tennessean]

The Worst Dunks Ever: After Dwight Howard’s win on Sunday with some inventive ish, we have to look at the down side. [On 205th]

Terrelle, Calm Down: Hm. Maybe pressure about picking a school might be getting a little much? [Awesome Time]

An Arena or Stadium Is The Last Place I Would Ever Propose Marriage: Generally, I think these things are better off private, but the reaction is entertaining. If you get shot down like that, you are going to need a lot more than the beer handed to the guy afterward. However, we all may be getting taken for a ride — looks more and more like a fake. [Sports by Brooks]


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  1. Agreed 100% that the L.A. duo should stay in school. They’re good, but all they have to do is watch tape of Beasley to see what a really NBA-ready player looks like.

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