Cheap Shots #107

Rough week full of day job and working for the other place. As usual, tips et al can be sent to the email.

In The Wake of Tragedy: Northern Illinois University’s athletic events have all been called off for the weekend in the wake of yesterday’s shooting by a former graduate student. Five were killed before the shooter took his own life. [Chicago Tribune]

One Hell of a Typo: So, some time yesterday afternoon a release gets distributed saying Barry Bonds tested positive for ‘roids after hitting 73 in a season — and a few hours later, turns out that “2001” really was “2000”, and an already disputed test. So, no new ground there, but you could have seen the spinning go as soon as it hit ESPN. Still, this will hit the ground running. [SF Chronicle, ESPN]

It’s Not Just Devean George That’s Wrecking A Trade: More on George himself in a separate post, hopefully — but Jerry Stackhouse’s openly talking about being bought out and re-signing with Dallas after 30 days may put the Jason Kidd trade in further danger of not happening. [Yahoo Sports]

Now The NFL May Get A Taste of Congressional Kabuki Theatre: Ack, ack, ack. Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) wants to keep going on the Patriots’ videotaping investigation, and now the Judiciary Committee chair, Pat Leahy (D-VT), is encouraging him. Don’t you guys have intelligence bills and judiciary scandals that require more immediate attention? [ESPN]

Visa Problems Hold Up Twins Pitcher: Francisco Liriano is having trouble getting to spring training due to a DUI arrest from 2006, and it’s part of a new immigration law — he’s got to go through a program first in his native Dominican Republic. [Minneapolis Star-Tribune via SbB]

Kelvin Sampson Death Watch: IU prez holding a news conference, is still coaching for now. My guess as to whether he makes it to the end of the season and the tourney: yes, but he will be gone at the end of the season.

Sampson vs. Slimer: Yep, as odd as you think it sounds. [Rumors and Rants]

Watch The Tree People: Stanford, under the radar (well, I suppose so if you’re not up late enough to watch the Pac-10.) [West Coast Bias]

Why Power Rankings Blow: You start them WAY too early. [Crashburn Alley]


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  1. If you think MLB Power Rankings blow their wads too early, take a gander at this — posted a mock fantasy draft for 2008 almost a week before the frickin’ Super Bowl.

    No doubt some casual fans and incautious homers have already jumped Eli Manning up about 30 places in their pre-draft rankings…

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