Apparently Recruiting Violations Are Worse Than Assault

So, if you’re reading the sports press with any regularity, you know about the NCAA investigation into Indiana hoops coach Kelvin Sampson — he’s accused of lying about phone calls made to recruits while already on probation for violating said rules while at Oklahoma.  Odds are he’ll likely be given the pink slip sooner than later amid the usual sanctimony about Indiana needing to run a clean program, talk of the university’s integrity, and even the occasional comments popping up that former coach Bob Knight would never have gone about it this way.

If there are any people nostalgic for Knight in the wake of Sampson, they’re dumbfucks, plain and simple, no way around it.

Bob Knight, for all his coaching greatness, assaulted a police officer and a student, threw chairs in violent fits of temper, made stupid comments about rape (“lie back and enjoy it”) in an analogy about officiating, among other offenses of general douchebaggery.  He never had a recruiting violation in his career and took pride in his graduation rates, but do not think for a second that somehow Sampson’s phone violations are worse than a bully who physically and verbally berated people in his reign as head coach.

Yes, Sampson is not exactly the greatest of characters if he’s violating NCAA rules yet again and lying about it, but let’s not go thinking that this is the worst crisis to befall Indiana basketball, which dealt with a powder keg in charge of its program for decades — even tolerated the behavior until it was put on display in the late 1990s.


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  1. Myles? Myles Brand? is that you? I didn’t know you were blogging these days.

  2. I earned that.

    I’m not gonna defend Sampson’s alleged actions, particularly if it’s found he lied — but the General was never any paragon of virtue.

  3. S2N,

    If you watched the Duke-Maryland game last night, Dukie V was he one pining for Robert Montgomery Knight, as he likes to call him. I realized how much I didn’t miss him after that. i also turned the sound off and listened to my XM feed, seven second delay be damned.

  4. […] Signal to Noise has some words about how ridiculous all of the recruiting rules are.  I liked how they compared Kelvin Sampson to Bob Knight.  Really a totally abusive person gets better treatment than a guy who I assume is a smooth talker.  It’s a weird world.  But if people didn’t prey on teenagers for their programs it wouldn’t be an issue. […]

  5. This might be a long comment, but I don’t have a general sports blog, I have an Avs blog and I have no where else to vent this (even though I don’t comment here often, i read almost daily).

    F%^& college sports. Seriously, a bunch of corrupt, megalomaniacal, asshats. The whole lot of them. I am an OSU alum, and I think the college game, at it’s most purest, is a wonderful spectacle and beautiful competition. But money, greed and fame have turned the two most interesting college sports, football and basketball, into nothing more than dictator wanna-bes controlling young men who have been basically duped into becoming athletic slaves.

    That’s right, D-1 college football and basketball players are slaves. They make no money while providing a service to thousands, if not millions, of people. Those people even pay for that service. But who gets rich off of it? not the people actually providing the entertainment, the people exploiting them get paid handsomely off of it though. If the people who actually provide the service get paid… it’s a rules violation. What kind of bullshit is that?

    Yeah the argument is that these kids get a full education “for free”. But everyone knows they aren’t really allowed to concentrate on schoolwork. If they want an education, well that’s all well and good, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their athletic accomplishments, even if that accomplishment is 4 pts a game off the bench. I mean an overpaid coaches job is on the line here. But if you can maintain your FG%, or YAC average you can get that degree which will have value to you unless you are one of the .01% that makes it big in sports. If not, you better get a degree in “Sports Management, General Communications, or Swahili”.

    Are the kids partially at fault for not taking advantage of the opportunities being presented to them, partially. But these are 18 and 19 year old kids, many who have been (inaccurately) told the only way to make it in life is through sports. It’s not even a white or black thing, it’s a rich and poor thing. IT only looks white and black because black people make up a high % of poor people in this country.

    So again, F%^& college sports. Above is why, no matter that I lived 6 blocks from the horseshoe at OSU for 8 months, I just can’t get into college football or basketball. Those kids don’t have a shot, and are set-up to fail. Not that they are all angels, they’re not, but when they are receiving direction from the slimy scum of the earth (college coaches) where even the most honorable, loyal, and noble ones choke, maim and degrade their subjects (see how I tied it into the original post) it’s hard not to feel that they don’t really have a chance in life.

    sorry for the rant on your blog, like I said I o’t have a forum to vent this.


  6. Jibble,

    Their payment may be out of proportion to the revenue they generate for schools and conferences, but don’t ever say they don’t receive value for their services.

    If you combine the value of the scholarship, books, room and board, travel, free health care (free top-notch health care), etc. they are rewarded with hundreds of thousands of dollars (not even mentioning the future value of their degree, should they make the effort ot earn it). These kids are not getting nothing and, regardless of your feelings about the priority their education receives, it is their responsibility to take advantage of the opportunity they have.

    There. My OWN little rant.

  7. DJ
    I agree with you that the students are being given something, but they are also being denied the proper chance to use it. Between road trips, practice, some media commitments etc and actually playing in the games how much time do they really get to work on school work. Not to mention they are, undoubtedly, getting pressure to take easy classes in order to stay eligible because there’s millions of dollars riding on their backs.

    I think back to the degree I got and how much I’ve gained from it already (Physics). That degree took a lot of studying, but the rewards have been significant. If I had all the outside commitments and pressures that these athletes (football and basketball) have, would I have been able to get a physics degree? Probably not. I realize that many students work full-time AND get their education so it’s possible but it still seems as if the players should be given a fiarer chance to get the education.

    Personally I think for every year of playing their sport, they earn a years worth of education. So a 4 year athlete can spend the next 4 years getting their education. They earn so much for the Universities they go to that that seems like a quality payback.

  8. I know this is such a big violation. Gimme a break. The NCAA and their rules are so anitquated. Hell, I would love to have Sampson as head coach for the Buffs. CU has been 2 or 3 tourny appearances since 1969, and has never been a threat for a Big 12 title. Its not like he is Gary Barnett.

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