Why Did This Take So Long?

I’d kind of like to pogo off something I originally wrote up for Sports by Brooks over the weekend — the NFL is probably going to allow helmets for communication between the defensive coaches and the players, thus removing the need for signals and, quite possibly, the urge to tape them (as the Patriots did), which many involved are citing as the reason to finally approve this. You get the gist.

My question, after two more days of thinking about this: why did it take the Patriots videotaping signals for owners to give the defensive side a helmet? I’m aware there is no one player on the defense that is always in there, so you  are going to have to have more than one player equipped with a radio helmet (it’s easier to do on offensive with the quarterback position.)   It doesn’t make any sense to give one side a distinct advantage to not have to fight through crowd noise to get the plays.

Essentially, pro sports are not exactly quick when it comes to picking up on new technology and things that could keep the game moving, cut down on distractions.  So, this is better late than never. But I’m not quite sure I understand how equalizing out both sides with radio communication wasn’t part of the thought process to begin with. Now, it probably can’t be approved fast enough.


2 Responses

  1. For some reason, at first, I was picturing defensive coordinators wearing helmets, which was amusing.

  2. Good point, what was the hold up about?

    Of course, the Patriots will still find ways to cheat ;) Weren’t they also accused of blocking or jamming signals, so that the radio in the QB’s helmet would fail at crucial times in the game? I guess this new rule will also make that less likely, as both offense and defense would be screwed if the signal gets jammed….

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