No Teeth In College Football’s New Interview Rule.

8 minority coaches out of 120 schools is not exactly a mark that the NCAA would like to continue with D-IA college football, particularly when so many of the scholarship athletes are of color. But let’s just say that the new agreement regarding minority interview and hiring practices adopted by the member schools is pretty damn toothless:

The written policy…says that “athletics directors interviewing candidates for head football coaching positions should include one or more minority candidates for that position, resulting in a formal interview opportunity. It is prudent to hire from a broad, diverse and growing group of candidates, and to support equal opportunity and fair hiring practices throughout the hiring process. This is not only the position of the association, but most likely in alignment with the hiring policies of the institution.”

Nice thought in theory and your intentions are well-meaning, NCAA, but nothing really gets accomplished here without any sort of punishment mechanism in place.  It’s a very tall order, but the only way to make this work is to punish the offending school with the loss of scholarships. That’s probably not going to happen any time soon. The glacial pace is getting better than it was for minority coaches in the D-IA ranks, but anything’s an improvement right now.

(An aside: I remain amazed at anyone who can claim that hiring preferences, quotas, and other code terms for affirmative action isn’t needed. You don’t erase centuries of brutality and disenfranchisement in 50 years.)


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