Makes No Sense At All.

I am absolutely mystified at the concept of Chad Johnson being traded to the Redskins from the Bengals. Dumbfounded, even. It doesn’t fucking add up outside of a Lil’ Davis temper tantrum. “YES, I CAN AND WILL PAY THIS MAN TO CATCH PASSES FOR MY TEAM!” The Redskins do not lack in terms of decent starting wideouts and a tight end (most teams would kill to have Santana Moss, Antwaan Randle El, and Chris Cooley lining up on most plays); this is not a prime need for them. Chad Johnson is a luxury item to this team. Where they need to concentrate their efforts is on the lines and the linebackers — I fully support throwing money at Lance Briggs when free agency starts.

Chad Johnson is not necessarily the sort of WR you necessarily want or need in a West Coast offense, which is what new head coach Jim Zorn will be bringing with him — because there’s not a heck of a lot of throwing deep, although you tailor a system to fit the personnel you have.  The Redskins have a bigger problem on the offensive end — Jason Campbell is going to have to learn yet another offensive system, and the rotation in coaching personnel is going to wreck him if the uncertainty continues.

(Note: This is not to disparage Chad Johnson’s skills. He’s a beast who took unnecessary heat for the Bengals sucking last season.  He just shouldn’t be the primary concern of the Redskins right now.)


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  1. It’s a damn shame you can’t fire an owner. I’m trying to figure out what’s more damaging to a franchise – an utter tightwad like Donald Sterling, or a guy who blows his cash liberally on the wrong players.

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