Cheap Shots #106.

Update #1: 9:30 AM

Damn It, I Hate It When Whitlock’s Right: Broken clock rule on Roger Clemens. [Fox Sports]

Congresscritters Kiss Clemens’ Ass: No jury would actually, say, meet with the defendant before a trial — but essentially, that is what the House Government Reform Committee has done, according to Murray Chass. GC got similar remarks off the tube coming from the mouth of Bryant Gumbel. [NYT, Can’t Stop The Bleeding]

The Big Man Code, Ordinance 225.7: The fascinating war of words between Bill Walton and Shaquille O’Neal. [Awful Announcing]

Behind The Swoosh: CNBC’s Darren Rovell did a documentary-style program on Nike, and it’s airing tonight. Supposedly it contains some stuff about its seedier side — particularly in Vietnam. I’ll probably have to catch it on repeats, but it sounds good. [Sports Biz With Darren Rovell]

2008 Swimsuit Issue: Yawn. Read once, ogle twice, ignore for rest of the year. [Sports Illustrated]

Speaking of Nike-Related Stuff: The Legend of Cecilio Guante pays tribute to another product that Michael Jordan helped make big — the Jordan Jammer.

Bigger Choke Job: Bugs and Cranks looks at the 2007 Patriots vs. the 2001 Yankees.

The Latest Berman Video: This only gets more and more amusing.


1:30 AM

Does Anyone Still Listen to John Rocker?: The former relief pitcher and pariah is saying he failed a drug test — which is kind of interesting, but the real good bit comes a little further down.

Rocker said that doctors from management and the players’ association, following a spring training talk with the Texas Rangers about steroids and other topics, pulled himself, A-Rod, Rafael Palmeiro and Ivan Rodriguez aside. Rocker was with the Rangers in 2002.

“Look guys, if you take one kind of steroid, you don’t triple stack them and take them 10 months out of the year like Lyle Alzado did,” Rocker said the doctors told them. “If you do it responsibly, it’s not going to hurt you.”

Hmmm…. [AP]

Muzzling Athletes In Beijing: Claims that the British drafted a “do not insult the Chinese with political statements” agreement for its athletes. UK government backtracks. The truth of what the agreements might be is probably somewhere in the middle. This is what happens when the Games come to a…well, less than liberty-based country. [L.A. Times]

Brand New Season, Same Old Cupcakes: The Wizard of Odds has made a point of griping about the patsies big time Div. I-A schools schedule for non-con games, and they contacted a friend to construct some charts on just which conferences play the most I-AA schools.

Throwing Out the Leftovers: Trent Green, Marty Booker, Keith Traylor — all cut by the Dolphins, although they say they want Green back at a lower salary. This probably isn’t the end of the Tuna’s bloodletting. [Miami Herald]

Compensating Much, Mark?: Mark Buehrle happens to own a truck that’s just as big as the monstrosity that Jon Lieber rode into spring training last year. Not alone, though — NFL’er Chris McAllister and Shaq own these giant fuckers too. Ford F-450 Dominator. Not subtle, huh? [Home Run Derby]

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  1. Never, ever, ever give Whitlock credit. Even the sun shines on a dog’s ass some days. He’s still Whitlock for crying out loud:)

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