Hater’s Ball.

Tonight, the perfect convergence of elite Atlantic Coast Conference programs with all-encompassing coaches will occur in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There will be die hards pulling for either the Blue Devils or the Tar Heels.

I, however, consider this a match where I scream, “Let’s go, meteor, let’s go!”  This is not designed for any particular offense of either Duke or UNC fans, but based off of media overexposure of the match-u, among other things. This will be the first college basketball game in quite some time that I’ll have to mute in order to watch, as Dick Vitale is returning from his throat surgery tonight to slurp his favorite programs when he’s not making complete non-sequiturs.

Announcing and analysts aside, I find the teams full of nothing but punk-ass tricks and mark-ass marks.  UNC, annually, has the problem of always being so deep by hoarding the talent (although not so much this time, with Ty Lawson hurt and his back-up, Bobby Frasor, already out for the season.)  The face of the team, Tyler Hansbrough, has one of the most punchable faces I’ve ever laid witness upon. Like most of Duke’s team (and coach Mike Krzyzewski), “Psycho T” has a tendency to believe he’s earned fouls.  To be a bit more descriptive of the Blue Devils’ tendencies, let’s say the Italian national soccer team would be embarrassed at Greg Paulus’ flopping skills.

So, I will catch bits and pieces of tonight’s match-up with hate flowing through my veins. I don’t think I’ll be alone here.

3 Responses

  1. Being a Virginia fan, I’m rooting for both teams to lose, and maybe get caught up in some kind of major cheating scandal.

  2. Ah yes — fans from the Virginia, DC, and Maryland areas have the most ire, and rightfully so.

  3. As a Maryland fan, you are correct. A pox on both their houses! Perhaps the best thing about watching the game (if there is a best thing) is that in my area, the ESPN coverage is blacked out, so I get Tim Brando and Billy Packer calling the game.

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