Cheap Shots #103.

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1:15 PM

Steve, Stay in New York/New Jersey: Giants D-coordinator Steve Spagnuolo interviewed with the Redskins for the head coaching gig, and I’d advise he pass on it. Having your coordinators hired for you by meddlers like Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato in the front office is not the way to start a head coaching career. Let Jim Fassel or Ron Meeks take the fall. [AP]

So, You Voting Today?: 24 states are either in primaries or caucuses right now, and I got back just minutes ago from the local vets’ hall where I go to vote. Not a ton in sports-related matter to care about, so here’s my totally ill-advised opinion on the race:

Dems: I miss Edwards. Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton unnerves me, so I’m throwing in for Obama. I’m a bleeding-heart, so you’ll likely never hear me consider voting Republican.

GOP: The blood-letting going on in this primary amuses me. There are GOP folk who will have no quarter with John McCain; I’m pretty sure Mitt Romney is a cyborg programmed to say anything depending on the environment he finds himself in. Mike Huckabee has no shot and likes Jesus way too much as guidance for policy.

Presidential Candidates as College Football Coaches: Per usual, genius at EDSBS.

Plax’s Psychic Network: Burress called the game, now he’s taking your calls and predicting the future. [The Wade Blogs]


11:30 AM

Specter’s Kabuki Theatre, Now Scheduled: The Pennsylvania senator will meet with Lord Rog after the Pro Bowl now to discuss the Patriots’ taping scandal and likely, the NFL Network. Let us not forget that Specter’s campaigns are happily funded by Comcast, which has bones to pick with the league over said network. The real debate comes when and if Mike Walsh talks, depending on what he actually knows. Right now, I sense there’s no “there” there. [ESPN]

The Ultimate Non-Story: LeBron James pays $259 for speeding ticket and court costs. The offense happened LAST YEAR. Why is this a headline in the wire feeds on [AP]

9 Racist Moments in Sports History: In honor of Black History Month. [Pyle of List]

The Choice is Obvious, Really: Elisha Manning vs. Elisha Cuthbert. WHO YA GOT? [Rumors and Rants]


1 AM

Bob Knight Resigns: I suppose the only real surprise and shocker is the “effective immediately” part, although Knight should be lauded for deciding his heart wasn’t in it any more and not BSing out for the rest of the season, then handing over the reigns to his son Pat. A great basketball coach, someone who believes in having his players graduate, but a lout of a person. [Lubbock Avalanche-Journal]

Clemens Deposition: That’s coming today, and the Rocket’s lawyers are saying he’ll tell the truth under oath — one day after Andy Pettitte talked before the committee behind closed doors. Wait for the fireworks in a few weeks instead. [AP]

At Least Some Part Of The Collective Bargaining Agreement Remains in Place: A judge ruled that Michael Vick gets to keep most of the $20 million signing bonus that the Atlanta Falcons gave him — and he’ll probably need it, given the legal fees and defending himself from the lawsuits that seemed to fly in after he was arrested. The bigger issue (and vastly more important) is that franchises can’t presume that they can go after signing bonus — which is a useful check; this is why it’s collective bargaining. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Pau’s Debut: Gasol is expected to make his Lakers debut tonight on the road against New Jersey, unless his back fucks up again. The Spaniard is expected to hold the team together in the middle until Andrew Bynum can return, shifting Gasol to the 4 and Lamar Odom to the 3 spot. [L.A. Times]


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