Cheap Shots #101.

Andy Pettitte’s Gonna Talk: And the hole probably only gets deeper for the Rocket. The problems really all began when Pettitte copped to it and Clemens went into full-on denial mode. The former best friends won’t be exchanging even Christmas cards this year, I suppose. [AP, via Yahoo]

This Is The Effect of a Tim Donaghy World: MLB’s umps union is not particularly pleased with MLB’s new investigators and their background checks, and I don’t think — if true — that knocking on doors and asking if an ump belongs to the Ku Klux Klan is an acceptable way of looking into someone’s background. [ESPN]

Who The Fuck Are You, Ian Poulter: Golfer says he’s probably the only likely competition for Tiger Woods. Not Rory Sabbatini-level douche, but laughable. [ESPN]

Still Waiting For Bedard-to-Seattle to Be Finished: Hm, seems Peter Angelos may be standing in the way to complete this trade — which would be a test of new GM Andy McPhail’s supposed autonomy. [Seattle Times]

J-Kidd In Cleveland?: LeBron’s jockeying for it big-time, but what does Danny Ferry have to offer in exchange? NBA blockbuster trades are a pain in the ass to make — otherwise Kobe would have been out of L.A. by now, and it wouldn’t have taken so long to move A.I. to Denver last year. [Akron Beacon-Journal]

The Camera Scandal As Motivation: Would the Pats be here, undefeated, if Belichick and crew had not been caught taping? Worth asking. [All on the Field]

Brady Writes a Letter To His Mentor: Deal with the devil might make sense. [Food Court Lunch]  (Apparently Eli also made one of those deals, considering Hell better than getting ragged on by Peyton and daddy Archie.)

Honoring The Fallen: Manchester United wants to honor players who died in a plane crash in 1958 with a moment of silence. Fans of opposing team Man City may not be that quiet. [The Beautiful Game]

This Connection I Made is Spreading: More comparisons of Dan Snyder and Al Davis. [The Money Shot]


One Response

  1. Clemens is so screwed right now, he may never recover, which is fine with me. I’ve always thought he was a hump.
    And correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Hirschbeck the one that had the blow-up with Robbie Alomar? And didn’t Alomar accuse him of calling him a name or something?(Not that I condone what Alomar did)

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