Cheap Shots #100.

Management apologizes for the extreme tardiness, but I got a double-shift sprung on me late last night and I can’t write entries very well at work at 3 A.M. while exhausted.


Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want: And that would be Johan Santana in a Mets uniform. I don’t care what it takes if we get him without dealing Jose Reyes, and it looks like that’s the case. [USA Today]

Jerramy Stevens, Questionable Individual: Generally, I try to take athlete police blotter stories with a grain of salt unless the things actually go to trial. I would read this piece about the current Tampa Bay Buc and former UW standout’s off-field problems with a cynical eye, but it’s still worth looking at. UCLA fans, be concerned regarding Slick Rick on this. [Seattle Times]

Kidd Wants Out, Again: And this time, he probably will get it, but it’s a sad thing to see the Nets fall apart like this. [NYT]

Super Bowl Media Day: Sorry, slept through all the fun, although apparently the outlandish bit of the day was Tom Brady being proposed to by an Azteca reporter in a wedding dress. [Sports by Brooks]

Sizing Up a Man By The Company He Keeps: We may not know much about Bill Belichick, but knowing he does charity work with both Bill Russell and Jim Brown speaks volumes. Great column by William C. Rhoden. [NYT]

Closer and Closer to Webber Returning: He may sign by the end of today, but it sounds like a done deal for the Warriors — and hopefully, he doesn’t destroy the chemistry they have there. Not that he’s a team cancer or anything — just saying that you never know what changes can affect a team. [Contra Costa Times]

Sad Notes: Well wishes for Michael Wilbon as he recovers from what appears to be a minor heart attack. Condolences for Bob Ryan’s family after his son Keith commits suicide. [ESPN, Boston Globe]

Love for Romeo in Cleveland: Crennel gets an extension. Good, he deserves it. 10-6 is extension worthy for a team that struggled so much, even though they didn’t make the playoffs. Sarge feels differently, though. [First and 10 Inches]

Measuring Sports Depression: A look at the levels and symptoms, with context. [Ghosts of Wayne Fontes]

Tony Romo’s Next Hook-Up: Rumors and Rants is taking bets.

Kruk Has A Good Sense Of Humor: Hey, he’s voicing himself on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. [Crashburn Alley]

Get Carl Monday a Flight to Gainesville: Apparently library exposers are becoming more common. [The Sporting Orange]


4 Responses

  1. S2N,

    You dream has come true, Santana is a Met.

    As for Stevens, if it wasn’t for his history, i would have felt the same way, but the information in the story leads me to believe that he’s even more of a prick than I thought he was.

  2. Des – hopefully Omar Minaya gets that contract extension done quick.

    It is kind of revealing to see exactly why most Seattle sports fans weren’t too sad to see him go after last season.

  3. Hopefully Johan can help the NL. Boy does that league need it.

  4. Eh, I’m just fickle. In my ideal world, all players and coaches would be compensated through one-year, incentive-laden deals.

    But yes, you have to be thrilled with the JS news…

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