Cheap Shots #99.

Again, this is the headline summary/link dump, updated occasionally during the day. If you have links, e-mail’s at the left.


12:30 AM

Tiger Wins Buick Invitational: Wake me when we get to the Masters. Fourth Buick in a row, 62nd title, and no one really cares until he makes a run at the Grand Slam. [ESPN]

Djokovic, Sharapova Aussie Open Champs: I have to admit to actively rooting against Novak Djokovic — his dozens of bounces between serves and injury time-out manipulation is annoying, but he knows how to exploit inexperienced opponents, and on this stage, that’s what Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was after that first set. Hopefully, that’s not the last we see of Little Ali on the grand stage. As for Maria beating up on Ana Ivanovic, I don’t have anything remarkable to note except for my father’s phone call on Friday night: “They’re both pretty and they play decent tennis, but even Monica Seles herself would say they’re too loud.” [AP]

East Beats West In Atlanta: Right, so hockey is here because football’s pretty much over, but better late than never. West team erases a four goal deficit and then goes ahead 7-6, then Eric Staal and Marc Savard score in the last minutes to give the home East the win. [AP]

Bedard Out Of Baltimore: Good for him, good for baseball, but just another reason for Orioles fans to mutter, “stupid Angelos.” [Seattle Times]

Snyder Talks To Pete Carroll About Redskins Head Coaching Job: I think it probably went like this: they said hello, Pete asked if Snyder would give him complete control, Snyder said no, Pete said no. It probably took all of five minutes. [NFL Network]

Webber, Back By The Bay?: Apparently even Don Nelson wants this to happen, and the veteran is apparently close to putting on the #4 for Golden State again. [ESPN]

I’m Eagerly Awaiting PETA and the Humane Society’s Indignation: There’s a Giants offensive lineman named Greg Ruegamer apparently likes biting the balls off of lambs. [East Valley Tribune via Sports by Brooks]

Reviving the AAFL Name Is At Least Good For Something: That being a very liberal policy regarding VIP passes for its draft, and notes of the event are here. [Snarkastic]

The Sounds of the Court Are Enough, Thank You: We’re at an NBA game, not a concert, thank you. [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

I Would Totally Crash This Party: Apparently Dan Majerle’s bar in Phoenix is throwing a Super Bowl block party with Digital Underground, Tone Loc, and Young MC — seriously, these were the fellas on MTV when I got addicted to it. True story: Shock G from the Underground was touring with Murs when I saw him live — eventually Murs got him to bust out a verse of the Humpty Dance, and of course, he had the nose and glasses on hand. [RandBall]


2 Responses

  1. What, Dan couldn’t find Def Jef? lol

  2. S2N,

    Trust me, Bedard was not going to stay in Baltimore past his current contract, give Andy McPhail credit for moving him after he had the best season of his career. Now if the owner blocks the deal, then we can say ” stupid Angelos”.

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