Al Davis Lives Off The Souls Of Head Coaches.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is reporting online (and just saw it on NFL Live) that the Cryptkeeper sent Lane Kiffin (Coach Lunch Money) a resignation letter that Kiffin refuses to sign today. This has its roots in rumors of Kiffin’s desire to fire defensive coordinator/Joe Esterhas look-alike Rob Ryan (yes, son of Buddy, brother of Rex), although they have publicly made up. Ryan is a Davis favorite, who kept him from going to the Jets to serve as D-coordinator over there.

Usually, I don’t make a point of taking pity on the Raiders or their fans — your tears taste like candy, Oakland! — but I’m starting to develop a bit of empathy here. Clearly, the man in charge of operations over there has gone bat-shit insane, and wants to go for four coaches in four years. Either he needs to consume another coaching soul in order to get another year of life in his body, or has gone fully senile, expecting more than 4-12 from a rookie coach’s first year — a rookie coach that he promised more control over coaches, but he won’t give.

Essentially, Davis has screwed his own franchise right now, and continues to do so with abandon. He insists on offensive guys being the head coach, when he probably should have hired Rob Ryan as head guy after firing Norv Turner. Now, he’s in the latest battle of wills with Kiffin — who certainly will be able to head right back to the college ranks as an O-coordinator, or can even land a pro O-coordinator job somewhere.

A commitment to excrement. It’s a beautiful thing.


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  1. As a Broncos fan, I love what has become of the “greatness of the raiders”! They are not going to be a legitament threat in the AFC West until Davis lets someone else run that team. Go AL!!
    BTW, Adam Schefter broke this first, I am tired of the 4 letter not giving credit where its due. They seem to be geeting scouped or having incorrect info almost all of this past NFL season!

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