No Love Lost Here.

Normally, I wouldn’t be all that interested in the usual piece about UCLA center Kevin Love returning to his home state tonight as the Bruins take on the Oregon Ducks in Eugene. It’s full of the usual stuff about the son of an Oregon star who spurned his father’s alma mater, etc. and how the crowd in Eugene’s going to be ranting against him. But this ish between Kevin’s dad Stan regarding the slights made by Ernie Kent seems, well, a bit divo:

Stan Love tells a story of how UCLA Coach Ben Howland and North Carolina Coach Roy Williams helped Kevin carry workout equipment into and out of a practice gym while Oregon Coach Ernie Kent “kept one eye on his BlackBerry and never lifted a finger.”

Dan Cogan, an Oregon sophomore and president of the Pit Crew, the gold-and-green-wearing students who will number about 1,700 and who have weekly meetings to get ready for new opponents, said indignation and resentment toward Love, who played at Lake Oswego High near Portland, is more pointed than it might be toward another in-state player who left Oregon.

“Stan did go to Oregon,” Cogan said. “When Kevin first committed to UCLA, Stan chose to take a shot at the basketball program and the university, so we don’t consider him to be a Duck. He’s a traitor, that’s what he is.

“Kevin, we have mixed feelings. I saw him play in high school and he’s the best high school player I’ve ever seen, but there’s a lot of guys from Lake Oswego who have a lot of negative feeling toward Kevin. There’s a lot of people up there who think Kevin is pretty high and mighty. And his dad is worse.”

It’ll be fascinating to see how much heckling Kevin and his dad actually get, but I’m amazed by what the whims of teenage boys and slighted parents can do. It seems weird that a sort of blood feud has opened right up, with the rabid nature of collegiate fans turning on the father, who betrayed them in a sense.

But really, coaches not picking up weights for your son is a slight in the recruiting of blue-chip athletes? Seriously, pick a better example — that just makes Stan Love look like a complete douchebag — and according to some Oregon faithful and those who followed Kevin through his high school career, he probably is.


7 Responses

  1. Ben Howland & Roy Williams carrying little Kevin’s gear? Don’t believe it for a minute! If it happened, then good for Ernie Kent for being a man and not a toady and letting the kid carry his own stuff. Time to grow up. And that goes for everyone.

  2. Whatever the Pit Crew comes up with I’m sure it will be pretty vicious. I remember a few years back when Henry Bibby and USC were in town the Crew were yelling out “Deadbeat dad!” and “Your son hates you!” No mercy. Go Ducks!

  3. I’m from L.O. Mr. Stan Love has had some run trouble with the law the past couple of years for drinking and driving. Not that this matters about his sons Basketball skills, but will be interesting to see if the “crew” does something with it. Go Ducks!!!

  4. Should be interesting, guys. Thanks for weighing in.

  5. There’s an article out there on the web about how Stan Love pitched a fit about his son’s coach when his son was…15. OJ Mayo is the better person in my book; Kevin definitely has an attitude from what I read of his SLAM magazine high school diary entries.

  6. well, I dont know about all these attacks on Stan. I knew him when he was a Laker as at the time I worked at the Forum. Stan was always, always a nice guy. He had a different sort of non serious personality, no one got it but I did ! He was always polite. No one gives out lessons in how to be a Dad. Stan is doong what eh thisk he should do, doesnt matter what others say ro think. He had a worry about something a coach did and made , well I’d say exaggerated moves about it, but it was from his heart. BACK OFF ABOUT PERSONAL COMMENTS IF YOU DONT KNOW THE MAN.

  7. For a reference point on what a school should do when jerky fans act out of line, go see what the UA coach, Kevin O’Neil, did when a fan hucked a water bottle at USC coach Tim Floyd. He called out the fan with a microphone and apologized right then and there for the incident. Now, that is a class act.

    Ernie Kent, not so much.

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