Cheap Shots #96.

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10 AM Update:

Federer On To The Semis: It probably wasn’t too bright on my part to stay up that late to watch the match, but Club Fed knocked out James Blake in straight sets, although Blake made a better match out of it than the straight-set loss would imply early on.  Blake is still winless against Federer (that line seats many, James, don’t be ashamed), and the last Yank is out of the Aussie Open.  [ESPN]

Trent Green Owns a Pair of Bad Idea Jeans: I remember him showing up on some pre-game show and saying he’d been cleared to play again, and Bill Parcells may actually have interest in bringing him back. This can only end badly — although that’s the last thing anyone wants. [Larry Brown Sports]

Dana Jacobson, The Mike and Mike Roast, “Fuck Jesus”, and the Catholic League?: The First Take host got herself suspended this week for a drunken, profane rant involving general obscenities aimed at Notre Dame, Jesus, etc. probably designed to rankle Mike Golic and Charlie Weis.  I’m still trying to figure out how William Donohue of the Catholic League manages to work up the outrage and find out about these things. Yep, dumb shit to do in public, should have been suspended, but I love the rage of Donohue coming on cue — as if he’s somehow oppressed. [Chicago Tribune]

Josh Elliott is Filling In On First Take Today: Would not be notable except he’s touting the virtues of In-N-Out today (particularly the Animal-Style Double-Double) repeatedly, and it’s making me hungry.  I feel like you need to know these things.


In My Dream Sports Publication, D-Wil Writes A Weekly Column: A useful take, complete with historical context, on why the response to Kelly Tilghman’s remarks and the Golfweek cover in the mainstream sports media still lacks any understanding or perspective. [Sports on My Mind]

More Minority Sportswriters and Editors, Please: And not because of any sort of quota — because not only would it provide context to stories about athletes in the police blotter (please see last week’s Pacman Jones bit that was quickly dropped), but because it might stop stupid decisions like the Golfweek cover, and replenish a field stuck in the same-old-angle mode of thought. [Stop Mike Lupica]

More Props for Our Friends: The fellas at Storming the Floor are now Deadspin contributors — Eric and Marco are handling the College Basketball Closer today.


One More Year of the Walrus: Mike Holmgren decides to go for one more year as the Seahawks’ head coach. With that settled, maybe they should look about sucking up the cap hit for the useless Shaun Alexander. [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

Redskins Coaching Drama: Although I doubt he would actually be a good fit for the Redskins, at least Jim Fassel is getting an interview. I’m not sure why he hasn’t sniffed near a head job ever since he got canned by the Giants and replaced with Tom “Sgt. Hartman” Coughlin. Gregg Williams is probably the sanest choice in D.C., though. [Washington Post]

Both Williams Sisters Out: Serena yesterday, Venus today. The elder sister lost to Ana Ivanovic in three sets. She joins Daniela Hanchutova, Jelena Jankovic, and Maria Sharapova, the only name now recognizable to casual American tennis watchers in the women’s draw left. Norak Djokovic advances to the men’s semis, and awaits the winner of Federer-Blake, which is on as I type this. Rafa Nadal prepares to play Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. [AP]

Knoblauch Subpoenaed: The former second baseman has been subpoenaed by a House oversight committee after not responding to invitations to appear for a deposition on performance enhancing drugs. [NYT]

Kentucky Knocks Off Tennessee: Vols guard Chris Lofton set the conference record for threes in a career, but Kentucky’s defense holds strong for the upset. [ESPN]

T.O. Rides Again in Dallas: Jerry Jones will pick up the wideout’s roster bonus, a smart move despite Owens’ getting older, and then talk contract extension, maybe. [Dallas Morning News]

Nene to Recover: More good news. The Nuggets forward had a testicular tumor removed recently, and it was found to be malignant. Nene is officially a cancer survivor after quite a scare. [Rocky Mountain News]

Sid the Kid Sidelined: Crosby’s out for 8 weeks with an ankle sprain. Tough to lose the best player in the game; we’ll see where the Penguins end up. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Some Fans Are Taking Crosby’s Injury Hard: It’s even cutting through the fog of good prescription drugs. [Ladies…]

Shaq Out Two Weeks: Not like the Heat can really get significantly worse, right? [Miami Herald]

Obligatory Plug For Editor Of A Site I Contribute To: Will Leitch’s God Save the Fan hit bookstores yesterday; I’ll be ordering a copy come payday. (Aside: I’ve never read any of Leitch’s published fiction work.) [Deadspin]


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  1. If you are not Catholic, and you express any of your thoughts on the Catholic Church (and since if you’re not Catholic, that’s probably going to involve some principled opposition), there’s a fair chance Donohue thinks you’re a bigot against Catholics. C’est la vie, it seems anybody can convince himself that he/she belongs to a victimized group.

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