My Favorite Super Bowl.

MCBias prompted yours truly, among others in blogland, to possibly write on our favorite Super Bowls or Super Bowl moments. Most Broncos fans will go with this one, I’m guessing: Super Bowl XXXII, Broncos-Packers, at the current Qualcomm Stadium (I think it was still called Jack Murphy Stadium in 1997.)

The Broncos were going up against the defending champions in Green Bay, who’d beaten the Patriots the year before — and the Broncos had made an improbable Wild Card run the year after getting upset by Jacksonville as a #1 seed. Hell of a team that year, too — Elway, Terrell Davis, wideouts like Rod Smith and Easy Ed McCaffrey, Shannon Sharpe at tight end. Plus, pure forces of nature up front in Gary Zimmerman and Tom Nalen. On defense — Bill Romanowski, John Mobley at another LB spot, Steve Atwater and Tyrone Braxton as safeties, plus Darrien Gordon playing corner and returning punts (had 3 punt returns for scores in the 1996 season) and Pro Bowler Neil Smith signed away from the Chiefs.

Not like Green Bay was any slouch that year. They came back with Favre, Robert Brooks, Antonio Freeman and Mark Chmura catching passes, and Dorsey Levens was the bruising, battering-ram RB of that team — plus, they had William Henderson as the fullback, who caught well out of the backfield. Reggie White was on the D-line with Gilbert Brown (the man so fat he had a burger named after him at area Burger Kings), Eugene Robinson and LeRoy Butler were the safeties, and Darren Sharper was young and quick enough to play corner. These teams were frickin’ loaded.

The teams were trading scores on the opening drive, causing crucial turnovers (Favre was picked and fumbled, Davis fumbled once, Elway was picked) and it wound up being tied 17-17, and the Broncos needed a first down badly to get down the field. Elway rushed it himself for eight big yards — getting knocked around like a chopper in the picture above — and Terrell Davis scored down in the trenches to get the lead. Favre tied it again after Robinson picked Elway on the Broncos’ next possession, then, Davis scored his third touchdown of the game to seal the deal, in a game where he suffered from a migraine.

One of the best games I’d ever had the privilege of viewing — it got the AFC a Super Bowl victory after 13 years in the wilderness, and got Elway the ring he so deserved. The Broncos repeated the year after, but that first one is the game every Bronco fan remembers.

MCBias and Extrapolater on their fave Super Bowl Teams [Moderately Cerebral Bias]

5 Responses

  1. I remember almost everything about that game. It was my favorite for sure, and i doubt any other one will ever come close

  2. what, the niners beating the broncos 55-10 doesn’t cut it?

  3. Best day of my life. I still get chills every time I Mobley knock down that last pass. Awesome.

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