Cheap Shots #95.

Cheap Shots is a combination news depository and link dump; in short, it contains everything I want to mention but can’t crank out full entries on and is updated during the day, so check back.


9:11 AM PDT

Aussie Open Update: There goes Henin, losing to Sharapova.  Justine Henin had ridden a 32-match winning streak (Federer-like) into this tournament before Sharapova beat her in straight sets. [USA Today]

Would Anyone Watch This One?: Sending the ’76 Bucs against the ’07 Dolphins. [Stupid Sideline Reporters]

More of the Peter Principle: If Bud Selig gets an extension, why shouldn’t the rest of this roster? [Rumors and Rants]


1:45 AM PDT

Tony Dungy’s Back For One More: The Colts’ coach is returning for 2008, and his primary challenge will be how to shore up a team that was out-talented by the Chargers and the Patriots, and possibly may have to consider a more Belichick approach to playing through the season in order to beat the top echelon of the AFC. [Indy Star]

Play Your Guys: It bears notice that the Giants-Packers match-up validates the theory of running your top players out there even in meaningless regular season games. The Pats did it because they had perfection in mind, the Giants did in week 17 because they needed motivation and to click on O. The Chargers had to lock up a 3 seed. Cowboys, Colts, Buccaneers — they rested, and they got dumped.

Brady Boo-Boo: Boy, you’d think the world ended because Tom Brady’s foot was in a cast. He says he’ll be playing; any player who is headed to the Super Bowl only sits if he can’t walk. [Boston Herald]

Art Predicting Life: Well, calling I Am Legend art is a stretch, but Nyjer Please sends along this photo posted on a message board, with the crawl saying “The Giants lose to the Patriots for the second time.” [The Sports Lodge]

Phil Rivers Got the Knife Last Monday?: He’s a douchebag, but a tough douchebag, going under for some repair on his ACL — which he’ll have more of during the off-season. [San Diego Union-Tribune]

The Soap Opera That Is West Virginia’s Football Program Gets Even More Wacky: I’m a day late on this, forgetting to update yesterday’s thread. Former O-coordinator Calvin Magee, headed to join Rich Rodriguez at Michigan, is accusing the school of blatantly saying he’d never get a sniff as a head coach there due to his race. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Serena Out?: The younger Williams sister loses to Jelena Jankovic in straight sets in the quarters. Tomorrow’s ladies match to watch? Justine Henin taking on Maria Sharapova. Rafa Nadal is back in the semis again on the men’s side. [ESPN]

Memphis Takes #1 Ranking: First time in 25 years since the Memphis Tigers have been tops in college hoops, and UNC’s home loss to Maryland is the catalyst. Kansas moves up to #2. [SI]

Passing The Buck Again: Tiger Woods says more on Tilghman, refuses to say something that actually matters on the lynching reference. [NYT]

Infamous Sports Bigots: Deuce of Davenport has a quick rundown of the racially insensitive.

Canseco’s Got Himself a Publisher: The former ballplayer and steroid oracle was looking for a publisher for a “Juiced” sequel, now he’s got one: a Simon and Schuster imprint will be publishing “Vindicated” in time for opening day. That’ll be interesting. [NYT]

That Woman Done Gone Crazy: Pittsburgh Steelers’ WR Cedrick Wilson has a nutty girlfriend, one so nutty a standoff ensued after Wilson left his home after an argument. [KDKA]

More Bush Problems: Now, after the release of “Tarnished Heisman”, Lloyd Lake is saying Reggie Bush even went with him to pick out the house his family would live in while he was at USC. [LAT]

Follow The Blogger: MJD, previously of both Deadspin and the AOL Fanhouse, has landed at Yahoo Sports, writing for the NFL Experts blog.

Britney and Herschel: I’m still trying to figure this one out. [On 205th]


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