Cheap Shots #93: Protecting Their Own.

Updated occasionally during the day — come back and check for new updates.

8:55am update – Golfweek editor shit-canned, Da Coach O to LSU?, new link regarding Will Leitch book review odds.

Bud Selig Gets An Extension? Only In America: If you need any more proof that incompetence, ass-kissing, and covering your ass is rewarded with aplomb in this country, look at Bud Selig getting a three-year extension to stay as MLB commissioner until 2012. He looked the other way on the steroid era and oversaw a “report” which laid waste to the players and the union while mostly keeping its hands off the owners (save Peter Magowan and Brian Sabean of the Giants.) Of course the owners wanted him to stay on — he was one of them and continues to be so rather than an honest broker. [AP]

Racists Buy Golf Clubs Too, I Suppose: It’s disappointing that Tiger Woods has decided to completely punt on the whole Kelly Tilghman mess — and Golfweek decided to make it ten times worse by putting a noose on the cover this week. It’s as if there is a collective blind spot regarding what the noose means to black people in this country, and Woods has decided it is better to dismiss it as insignificant rather than take a stand on something directly affecting him. D-Wil made this point earlier; Rob Parker of the Detroit News repeated it on First Take yesterday: if Tilghman had said a Jewish golf should be taken to the gas chamber, her ass would have been fired immediately. Brian at One More Dying Quail examines how Golfweek’s competition handled the issue — and finds a vast improvement. UPDATE!!! — TSF leads me to AP copy saying Golfweek’s editor and VP just got the axe for that cover.

Da Coach O, Back Down By The Bayou?: Please, Les Miles, MAKE THIS HAPPEN. [L.A. Daily News]

Wade Phillips, You Are On The Hot Seat: If your boss is paying your offensive coordinator as much as you make plus giving him the title of assistant head coach, you either win a playoff game or you’re getting fired after the 2008 season. [Dallas Morning News]

The Succession Track in Indianapolis: If Tony Dungy hangs it up, Jim Caldwell takes his place, sayeth owner Jim Irsay. This is a safe call, and it’s generally the call that seems to go with the locker room. Hopefully Caldwell has learned enough to do more with a high-caliber team than what he did while at Wake Forest. [Indianapolis Star]

Hopefully The Brits Get a Better Display Than Giants-Fins Next Year: The NFL will head back across the pond in 2008. Maybe Wembley Stadium will actually have grass suited for the prolate sphreoid rather than the soccer ball. [AP]

Merril Hoge Chugs a Gallon of Haterade For Breakfast: Norm Chow gets fired? Vince Young’s fault. Dude could probably win a Super Bowl in the next three seasons and Hoge would still slam him and say the Titans made the wrong pick. One concussion too many during his playing days to judge a QB a bust in two years. [The Tennessean]

Fox Is Fucking Up Yet Another Sports Telecast: Forget the ridiculous nature of NINE hours of pre-game in and of itself. Now, Fox has decided to get Fox News and its American Idol into the act, having Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith tie in the “Super Tuesday” political primary action on February 5th to the game and Ryan Seacrest doing “Super Bowl Red Carpet.” Fuck you very much, Murdoch. [Sports Media Watch]

Surgery for Starbury: More of the denouement regarding the awful season that the New York Knicks are wading through. Is this the last time Marbury will be seen in a Knickerbocker uniform? Maybe. [NYT]

Which Blogger Tackles Leitch’s Book First: An amusing version of the recently departed Cultural Oddsmaker. [Ladies…]

Coaches Behaving Bizarrely: No one really cares about the Big West, particularly underachievers like Pepperdine, but their men’s hoops coach abruptly resigned — amid tales he bitched out a player and made another suck his thumb. I wish I was kidding. [LAT]

Torre Begins the Assembly Process in L.A.: While meeting with a couple old-timers, notable only for mention that he never saw anything that would have indicated that Clemens and Andy Pettitte were using steroids/HGH. Hmmm… [LAT]

College Baseball Players Running Gambling Ring: Well, a sports book is certainly a unique way to cover tuition, books, and student loans. [You Been Blinded]

Photo: AP/Matt York


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