Cheap Shots #92: Tiny Tuna? Really? We Can Do Better.

Like I said yesterday, the experiment continues. Let me know what you think via email and feel free to send your links, since this is becoming a daily thing, hopefully.

New Head Fish For The Tuna: Dallas O-line coach Tony Sparano is now the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. All he can hope is that Bill Parcells doesn’t pull a Jerry Jones and start coming down on the sideline to try and coach a team that’s at least a couple years of rebuilding. [Miami Herald]

NFL Coaching Musical Chairs: Tony Dungy’s still mulling his future, assistant Jim Caldwell pulled his name from consideration for the Falcons job. Meanwhile, Jason Garrett is considering both the Ravens and Falcons jobs (and would be stupid to take either one rather than stay with the Cowboys as O-coordinator.) [Indy Star, AP/ESPN]

Phil Rivers Has Been Talking Ish Forever: That’s what he’s been telling the L.A. Times, anyway. He might want to keep that mouth away from, say, Rodney Harrison this weekend.

Also, I blame KSK’s Christmas Ape for making me want to shout “Ya better ask someboddddaaaayyy” whenever I enter a room. The latest Rivers parody is here.

Gee, That Was Quick: The lawyer filing a complaint against Adam Jones for assault just dropped it. It is kind of fishy if you’re meeting Pacman in a strip club. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Bobby Knight Gets Win #900: And despite his accomplishment with the victory over Texas A&M, it’s still a fucking yawn because he’s irrelevant at Texas Tech. People would likely give a lot more of a shit if he hadn’t gone off the rails so often that Indiana had to do something.

UNC Still Undefeated: Plus, I still think Tyler Hansbrough looks like a goober. The Tar Heels eked out a one-point win over Georgia Tech.

Same Old Sad Story: Former Yankees catcher and World Series hero Jim Leyritz was rocking a .14 BAC when he hit and killed a woman in a DUI accident in Florida last month.

Buyer’s Remorse, Mr. MacLane?: Hmmm…Miggy Tejada might be in some trouble with federal investigators. Houston Astros owner Drayton McLane isn’t saying much for now, but it may give Tejada some trouble with his immigration status. [Babes Love Baseball, Houston Chronicle]

Osi Umenyiora, Kinky: Probably completely fake, but amusing nonetheless. [With Leather]

Lord Rog Scoffs At Your Puny Petition: Tailgating Ideas has a petition asking Rog of Iron Fist to allow tailgating outside the Super Bowl at the Pink Taco.

Speaking Of The Big Game…: Here are your pre-made storylines for each potential matchup. [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

I Remain Amazed That Drew Carey Is A Soccer Nut: Video proof here, via the Beautiful Game.

Photo: AP/Mark Humphrey


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  1. Hansbrough looks like a fish gasping for air on the deck of a boat.

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