Cheap Shots #91: An Experiment.

This is the initial attempt to reinvent this feature. It seemed better suited to adding quick tabs on the stuff that happens in sports that I don’t want to write full posts on as well as links — and if you accuse me of ripping off either Shanoff or D-Wil, I won’t get mad. If you’ve got something worth linking or suggestions on improvement, the e-mail is s2nblog of the gmail variety.

Selig, Fehr, and Mitchell Testify: Again, none of us missed too much here, having watched much of the coverage yesterday — mea culpas, tacit admissions of guilt from both Bud and Donald about overseeing the steroid era, a general waste of time complete with grandstanding by one representative who couldn’t get one of her aides to proofread her statement (“boughten” is not a word in any dictionary I can find.) Yet, not much in the way of questions regarding the roles of individual owners. Not shocked. Meanwhile, apparently a debate was held between WADA head Dick Pound and Dr. Norman Fost of the U. of Wisconsin on whether PEDs should be permitted — wonder why this wasn’t televised?

NFL Coaching Musical Chairs: Why would both the Ravens and Falcons want the offensive coordinator who managed to call plays so predictably against the Giants late? Yet Jason Garrett remains a hot commodity after only a year as an O-coordinator. Same for Tony Sparano — whose O-line flinched and failed against the Giants pass rush late. Jim Mora the Younger is also in line to interview for the Redskins job.

Norm Chow Gets Pink Slip: When the groomer of QBs has a QB throw only nine TD passes in a season, it’s probably time for a change — and the hot rumors about him going to UCLA as O-coordinator only get hotter.

Cal Receiver Latest To Seek To Play On Sunday: In the rampant new market for Devin Hester/Joshua Cribbs types, DeSean Jackson will have a job after the first round this year. Besides, why suffer through another Tedford disappointment for a senior season?

The First Person To Call It “Filegate” Gets An Internet Bitch-Slapping: West Virginia University is looking into the disappearance of player files after Rich Rodriguez took off for Ann Arbor. In a break-up that has seemed more like a contentious and particularly acrimonious divorce (with the requisite rebound hire), we’ll see if this has any traction to be part of the psychodrama.

I Should Be Ashamed of Myself For Enjoying This: The Fulmer Cup has returned at EDSBS. Take heed, and loop the theme in your head.

Adam Jones Accusations: Regardless of whether Jones actually did or did not hit the woman, at what point does someone, anyone tell him it’s probably for the best if he stays out of the titty joints?

The Open Down Under: Henin, Mauresmo, Serena advance; Davenport and Sharapova moved on yesterday. Nadal takes out his opponent in straight sets — another Club Fed/Rafa final? Yes, please! As for Americans, the only name listed in this wrap-up is Mardy Fish. I’ve been able to watch some of the action since working day shifts the past couple days — it’s nice to have a major tournament start live action at 4 PM in the afternoon.

If You Get Fired and Disbarred, Bankruptcy is Likely: Who didn’t see Mike Nifong having financial trouble after the Duke lacrosse mess cost him his job and his living? Plus, he’s still being sued by the three former players who were accused. Lesson #1: try not to wrongly accuse and charge anyone. Lesson #2: if you must do #1, make sure it’s someone without the financial resources to fight back.

That’s One Hell of a Mark-Up: The price tag for the city of Chicago to host the 2016 Olympic bid could run $900 million if it gets the Games. If American cities eventually figure out that it may not be worth the expense, will anyone really care?

LeBron Exercises Inner Sammy Hagar: I couldn’t believe that King James getting a speeding ticket gets an AP write-up. Sheesh. Leave the man alone.

Baron Davis, Movie Star: Hell, I’d watch anything he was in with a bullet fedora on.

Praying For Snow: Don’t say you don’t want a blizzard in Green Bay on Sunday. It’s unbecoming to lie like that.  TSW at Ladies… used a non-orthodox source for analysis of records of the remaining teams in certain weather conditions — The Weather Channel.

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4 Responses

  1. Re: MCD’s post about the Colts, another reason not every NFL team with talent goes 12-4 every year is that most of them aren’t lucky enough to play in a division with three expansion teams.

    I tend to beat this drum a lot, but I think it bears repeating: the untold story of Colt/Pat dominance in the ’00s has been the stubborn mediocrity of the AFC East and South. I’m not saying those two teams aren’t loaded, because both have more than proven that when January rolls around, they can get it done.

    But when 6 of your 12 wins every year come against the likes of the Jets and the Texans, one can sort of understand why at least some of the fans don’t consider an impressive regular-season record enough. As a Bears fan, I know better than to look a guaranteed playoff berth in the mouth, but if the Chargers can gut their coaching staff after a 14-2 season, I think it shows you that life in the NFL can be summed up in just seven words: “What have you done for me lately?”

    (And the Bolts are actually playing in the AFC Championship after that highly questionable and borderline dickish coaching move, which only goes to show, I guess…)

  2. I would have said that this was the year that the Colts didn’t have walkovers in the division — the Jags and Titans were playoff teams, and the Texans finished 500 for once. The AFC South was the best division in football this year.

  3. Tim Brando referred to the West Virginia thing as “Papergate” on his show earlier today.

    May God have mercy on his soul.

  4. Can’t argue that. And look how much trouble the Colts had in divisional play this season.

    The Titans finally started to right the ship by going 8-8 against a brutal schedule (2nd toughest in the league) last year, and the Texans have been due for a couple seasons now. The Jags have played the occasional January game in the 21st century, but they’ve been so up and down from year to year that you never know what to expect; so I can’t really credit them as a legitimate threat to the Dungy Dynasty.

    Now then, to beat another broken drum of mine: if you really want to make the NFL interesting, Miami should switch divisions with Indy. :)

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