Deja Vu All Over Again.

Again, I realize that griping about ESPN is damn near laughable at this point, and almost kind of silly. But while watching First Take and flipping back and forth between that and Headline News, I caught something that has annoyed me to no end with regard to the Four-Letter’s programming: they like re-running features. A LOT.

If you didn’t know that Jaguars QB David Garrard had 12 inches of his colon removed because of his Crohn’s disease, then I bet you know now, because Rachel Nichols’ soft-focus profile about it has now run on every conceivable ESPN news program — I’ve seen it on SportsCenter, NFL Live, First Take, and NFL Countdown — and it was first shown about two weeks ago, I think. I had the same complaint about the University of San Diego’s college hoops star Rob Jones — I saw his profile (based on the angle of his grandfather being the Reverend Jim Jones and such) at least four or five times on air on various shows, and there was at least three weeks between the first airing and the last use for a college basketball program. (That was still long before Sports Illustrated finally sent a writer and published a story.)

It’s innocuous enough in and of itself, and most news/sports orgs have such stories in the can at all times for use, but isn’t there a shelf life to running these things? I say after a week, it’s musty and old, and ought to be scrapped. I can take one consolation: if Garrard and the Jags beat the Patriots this weekend (not fucking likely), then Nichols or someone else will have to go shoot a new feature piece — at least I hope they have to.

Photo: AP/David J. Phillip


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