LSU Wins Second Meaningless Title.

At least Ohio State didn’t get totally whupped, although it was 31-10 in the third and all points after that for the Buckeyes seemed wasteful. Here’s to the Louisiana State Tigers, the champions of Bizarro College Football Season, and fittingly, not universally considered the best team in the country by anyone with a pair of working eyeballs (unless you are the pollsters, who feel obligated to prop up the system this year because most everyone else sucks just as much.)

It’s rough because it’s not like this isn’t a good team; Matt Flynn’s 4 touchdown passes and the series of stops, turnovers, and a blocked field goal by Ricky-Jean Francois (also above in the photo) proved to be something closer to the LSU we saw against Mississippi State and Virginia Tech earlier in the season. But it’s as if they were the least bad — they won the games they had to in order even qualify for the championship game (looking at you, Georgia), and the result is even less satisfying than an 8-8 or 9-7 NFL team winning the Super Bowl, no matter what the Mad Hatter might tell you about the quality of his team’s losses.

LSU has won its two titles in bad circumstances: in 2004, having to split a title with USC when the computers shut the Trojans out of that year’s title game, and now this year, when everyone else fell by the wayside in worse ways. I suppose losing twice in triple OT to in-conference teams that wound up being unranked is the least bad option for a national champion — USC disqualified itself with the Stanford loss, UGA couldn’t even win its division (and it now figures that its president is clamoring for an eight-team playoff), Oklahoma was exposed as Ohio State’s Big 12 equivalent, Hawaii was a victim of what Boise State had done to our expectations last year, and West Virginia falls apart when Pat White leaves the game for any period of time.

As for Ohio State and Cheaty McSweatervest: You can spin all you want about a re-building year, and any year you make a BCS title game is a pretty good year, but, like everyone else that fell below you, you’re a victim of your crappy conference’s stubbornness about ending the season by Thanksgiving (I’m a Pac-10 fan; we have an equally stubborn set of administrators) and your addiction to in-state cupcakes. Fortunately, you have scheduled USC for a home-and-home the next two years, and this is the essential solution, as the Wizard of Odds declares — make more power teams play BCS conference foes, and punish those who don’t in the computers.

Photo: AP/Rob Carr


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