Cheap Shots #89: So Much For That Feel-Good Story.

As always, submissions are welcome at the email address in the sidebar. I am better about remembering links via e-mail, because I save those until I use them (or they get hideously out of date.)

  • Hm. USF linebacker with wife and two kids is profiled in soft focus, now wife accuses him of not only being a lousy dad, but says she wrote all his papers. Hoo boy. [Sports by Brooks]
  • Jerry Rice is being a bit petulant about Randy Moss. How insecure must you be to complain about someone not talking to you on your radio show about breaking your record? [Sports on My Mind]
  • You can’t tell me that someone developed an energy drink called “Slump Buster” and didn’t know the meaning behind the term. Yikes. [Red Sox Monster]
  • Maybe Cam Cameron should have been more selective about a head coaching job last off-season. [Larry Brown Sports]
  • Revisiting contraction in MLB. [I’m Writing Sports]
  • Cleveland, America’s most miserable sports city. [Rumors and Rants]
  • And rubbing it in…Kerry Collins said on a radio show that the Colts told the Titans they were mailing it in. [First and 10 Inches]
  • Zach interviews Chris Mottram. [The Big Picture]
  • The other Mottram brother declares Wild Card official gear weak, which it is. Any Redskins fan seen wearing a “Wild Card” shirt should be fleeced. [Mister Irrelevant]
  • And this may be nearly a week old, but every time Holly does a poetry slam out of insane message board commenters, it always makes this feature. [Ladies…]

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