BCS Underdog #2 Rescues Bowl Season From Being Completely Dull.

Kansas 24, Virginia Tech 21After a New Year’s Day evening completely devoid of suspense and interest, we get two straight days of fun: one provided by West Virginia’s running attack, and last night’s provided by a Kansas defense that just proved to everyone that they really deserved to be there, that Mizzou didn’t get dicked over (although the Tigers did, but now we can’t really argue that Kansas wasn’t going to be competitive.)  One of the things regularly forgotten in the rush to crown the Hokies’ defense as the difference makers is that before he actually had offensive talent, Jayhawks coach Mark Mangino (who really should have worn the velour tracksuit on national broadcast television, if only for our amusement) stuck all his best athletes on defense in order to make that unit tops first and keep the team semi-competitive. So, the Kansas defense came to play and both VA Tech QBs threw picks — the first from Tyrod Taylor to cornerback Aqib Talib for six the other way, Sean Glennon threw two others, and combined, those turnovers led to 17 Kansas points.  And for all the guff given Bob Stoops about losing bowl games, you could say the same about Frank Beamer, who lost his fourth straight bowl game (not all his were BCS games, but still of note.)

Photo: AP/J. Pat Carter


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  1. The velour tracksuit against A&M might have been the highlight of a great college football season. God bless Mangino.

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