Above The Rim: On The Rebound.

Blazers 90, T-Wolves 79Not interesting in and of itself (an up-and-coming team vs. one in the dumps), but notable as to how Portland would respond after having its 13-game winning streak snapped last night. Well, 14 out of 15 ain’t half bad.   The Wolves got a look at what they traded away last season, as Brandon Roy led the Blazers with 24 on what was otherwise a bad shooting night.

Kings 107, Knicks 97So, you mean to tell me your team can have its three best players out due to injury and still beat New York by a comfortable margin? Jesus. Isiah Thomas believes he has the core of players that can win a title. Try and stifle your laughter.

Mavericks 121, Warriors 99Hmm…somehow I don’t believe Dirk Nowitzki when he tells the AP that playing against Golden State is just another game. Not when he pulls off 29 points, eight boards, six assists, and three blocks. Not gonna buy that.  Bad shooting and scoring starts by the Golden State stars such as Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson don’t help.

Celtics 97, Rockets 93So it took a while before the crowd got Yao taking on KG, and two Boston centers fouling out. Still, Garnett made it count late and got his, scoring just under half of his 26 late in the 4th and making it 7 in a row for the Celtics, against the T-Mac less Rockets.

Pistons 106, Wizards 93Detroit rolls off its 10th straight with 20 from Rip Hamilton and 16 from Chauncey Billups. Bench points: 33-6 in Detroit’s favor, with 15 of those 33 from Jason Maxiell.

Nets 96, Magic 95Teams like the Nets are the ones the Magic need to beat consistently in order to prove their mettle and rise to be a top team. But, that’s tough to do so long as Jason Kidd can still pass the ball. 10 points, 10 assists, and 8 boards don’t seem like a whole lot, but it all counts, and when four players on the Nets’ bench are scoring in double digits, those kind of stats usually lead to wins, even very, very thin ones.

Photo: AP/Jim Mone


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