Channel 4 News League, Finals Recap.

We now hand the inaugural bragging rights of the Channel 4 News League over to our friend Larry Brown, who runs the eponymously fabulous Larry Brown Sports. Larry rode the rocket arm of Tom Brady to the championship, and we will look for some fitting form of reward for him — although lording it over 11 of his fellow bloggers might be enough.

I Roll W/ Chris Henry 103.44, Twisted Fister 76.50 – As noted, Larry dominated RUTS in the final match-up via Tom Brady’s arm. RUTS, despite having Kurt Warner with a higher fantasy score than Brady, suffered from the Week 17 problem of Fred Taylor sitting and Reggie Wayne playing in limited action. (I will fix this next year; 16 week season only, promise.)

Brady’s Fuck Trophy 131.28, I Love Lamp 89.44 – OMDQ handed AA his what — fourth straight ass-whooping. AA was victimized by three starters who didn’t play or were injured (including Willie Parker and RB Kolby Smith), so OMDQ takes third place in the league.

Hopefully, we’ll do it again next year and I’ll be more attentive.


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  1. Week 17 fantasy bowls are long gone man. We used to do it. I remember one year I own (over 47 other teams mind you) in week 17. I had rode the season on Peyton, LT, and T.O. (he was out by now with his broken leg). For the finals I managed to start Larry Johnson (in the Priest days) , Ladell Betts, Jake Plummer, Drew Bennett, I even had the Texans D and I won the thing. I don’t remember who else I had but it came down to the guy I played was less lucky than I was on picking guys up who were not sitting, or subbing for the sitter.

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