Channel 4 News League, Semi-Final Round Recap.

I know I’m only posting this because the finals are tomorrow. Whatever.

I Roll W/ Chris Henry 155.98, I Love Lamp 67.80 – Live by Jon Kitna, die by Jon Kitna — that’s how AA’s season now comes to end, with a pitiful 1.90 from the Detroit Lions QB and not much better from anyone else (including negative points from an injured Willie Parker.) Larry Brown picked up 20+ point games from Tom Brady, Anquan Boldin, Laurence Maroney, and Maurice Jones-Drew.

Twisted Fister 129.16, Brady’s Fuck Trophy 107.42 – RUTS will face Larry Brown in tomorrow’s final thanks to the weak Atlanta secondary giving a 30+ point day to Kurt Warner plus exemplary work from his wide receivers.  OMDQ put up an admirable fight, but Brett Favre’s lack of performance in the Chicago cold probably cost him this match. He’ll take on AA in the third place game.

Haywood Jablome 86.46, Jazz Fluties 81.64 – Ted takes 5th place in the league due to Tony Romo showing up to play well (or at least 16 points worth of well) against Carolina a week ago — Extra P. rolled the dice with QB play when he selected Vince Young, and sometimes you get those 2 point games from him.


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