Phillip Rivers, Sit Your Ass Down.

The SD quarterback and two of his linemen started talking ish to Broncos QB Jay Cutler as the fourth quarter kept going and they were up by 20. I have no problem with his offensive line smacking it up and waving goodbye — they owned the Broncos weak D-line throughout the entire game. But Phil Rivers, despite a 10-win season so far, has actually fucking regressed as a QB.  That line, and LaDainian Tomlinson, is carrying his ass to the playoffs this year. Know your role and shut your mouth, Phillip.

It would help if anyone on the Broncos knew what their role was. Back when Tom Nalen tore his biceps and was essentially done for the season, I thought this basically fucked up the season — and there was no better example than last night, because there’s no leadership on the offensive line to give Cutler enough time to throw well — it’s been highly inconsistent.  There’s still no pass rush despite the drafting of D-line players last year, because there have been too many injuries for the line to gel.

Cutler’s done OK with what he’s been given. Travis Henry hasn’t panned out, Selvin Young now has to look like the latest production from Shanahan’s Tailback Factory. Javon Walker hasn’t been healthy.  The team will have to draft offensive line, safety, and D-line next year, and here’s something to consider: Mike Shanahan will have to get rid of both his coordinators, yet again, and he needs to cede control.

GM Ted Sundquist may be out, and what Pat Bowlen is going to have to do is bring in a GM who has equal authority to the head coach in terms of personnel. Since Shanahan has what amounts to a lifetime contract with Bowlen after those two Super Bowls, I sense a serious change in how coordinators are hired — because Shanny’s choices aren’t panning out. Do I see a Redskins-style arrangement with high-powered coordinators and CEO Joe Gibbs? Not quite, but we may be getting close.

(Video hat-tip to Pro Football Talk.)


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  1. Good call, didn’t watch the game last night, Xmassy things kept me away, but Rivers is not a very good QB. Could you imagine what that team would be like had they kept Brees instead of Gone with Rivers?

    As for the Broncos, I wouldn’t say Henry hasn’t panned out, he was decent when he wasn’t injured. I still like Young better though.

    Also it takes 3 years to make a QB and cutler is basically in the beginning of his second year. Both lines have been pretty awful all season, and Shanny isn’t very good in drafting linemen.

  2. Is Rivers freakin’ kidding me? He hasn’t earned the right to taunt anyone, especially a QB that’s better than him. That’s a joke.

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  4. Let’s be fair: Rivers didn’t have anybody to throw to for most of the season, until Chris Chambers arrived. Sure, there’s Antonio Gates, but KC’s example (and Atlanta’s, too) proves that if you’ve got a TE and nobody else, you really have no passing game at all.

    If Eric Parker had come back instead of going on IR, I don’t think the Chargers would have started so slowly and Rivers would look a lot better.

  5. Why can’t he talk smack? His team was working over a pathetic looking Bronco squad and Chargers fans have had to listen to Denver-ites squawk for years and years. Reap what ye sow, Bronco fan. Your team is done.

    P.S. Who roots for the Broncos but not the Rockies? Weak. Also, your About page says you like things So-Cal. Pick a region and stick with it. You can’t like So-Cal and be from Colorado.

  6. You stay classy, San Diego.

  7. Googly – who died and made you decider of rooting rules? I was born in Los Angeles, moved to Denver when I was 13, moved back to L.A. while in college.

  8. Rivers talks a bit too much smack for my tastes but the comment by Sports hernia was a bit off base. Did I read that correctly that he says Cutler is a better QB than Rivers? Rivers is 24-7 as a starter. Cutler is no where near that. Sure, Rivers need to tone it down but you lose a lot of credibility when you make statements of opinion and pass them off as fact.

  9. Yeah Dave, you read that correctly. Without Gates and Tomlinson, Rivers is sharing an apartment with Ray Finkle.

  10. Screw Philip Rivers. We’re much better off in Denver with Jay Cutler behind center.

  11. I honestly didn’t like what I saw on Monday night. Rivers looked inconsistent at best, and should be quiet. However, Jay Cutler has to be the most useless QB choice for a team like Denver, that I’ve seen yet. I don’t care what the announcers force feed you guys, his performance is average at best. Perhaps Rivers is too, but let’s not brag about mediocrity. They are both young, and need work.
    Denver dominated the division for years, and should be able to take back the trash talk, that they’ve been dishing out to S.D. for the last decade. Especially when Lynch tosses LT’s helmet up the field.
    You’re lucky if Cutler looks as terrible as Eli Manning (who is equally over rated). Keep Cutler behind center… we would love to hand Denver their asses 40 – 3 at home for the next few seasons!

  12. I’ll tell you what–I’ll take both Shanahan and Cutler off your hands and keep them here in Chicago. Even if it’s not Shanahan’s finest year (kicking to Hester repeatedly?), the guy can obviously coach. I think Cutler can be a stud in the league.

    Rivers is a bag.

  13. Not very good? Take a look at the stats on guys like P. Manning, Aikman, and Favre their first two seasons as a starter and then look at Rivers. You’ll find that Phil has em all beat in all catergories including the most important stat of all the win percentage. Philip Rivers is a winners. Has been since he was 10 in Pop Warner, and he continues to win. Brees had the same team and didn’t win 14 games, and his stats this year, his second as a starter, are better than most in the league. Quit your whining bronco fan and accept the fact that Phil has made you and your pathetic team his bitch. Get used to it!

  14. “In four career starts against the Broncos, Rivers has a 119.8 passer rating, and the Chargers have won all four by an average of 39-13. In those games, he has completed 69.6 of his passes for 960 yards and seven touchdowns with two interceptions.” quit whining donkey fans, you wish you had a quarterback as good as Rivers…

  15. Is someone still talking about Brees being on the Chargers?? ha, come on. That guy only plays well when he has a chip on his shoulder and EVERYONE who lives in SD knows that. I watched him be an okay qb for 2 years and then when he was the “man” he blew it! i.e. 2003. We did have the number one pick after all. So we went and got merriman and rivers.. pretty good no? FU*K Brees, but thanks for the pick! Now to address this Cutler situation. HAHAHAHA I will be laughing at Sports Hernia’s comments for a whole year until we beat the Broncos 41-3 again, and then I will continue to laugh. Sour grapes chump.

  16. Could care less about either team, but replace Rivers with Cutler on that Charger team and they’re more dangerous in the playoffs.

  17. Rivers is an average quarterback at best. Cutler is far superior in all aspects of playing the position. There really is no comparison. I do have one question concerning the million-dollar hillbilly (Phillip Rivers): if his parents become divorced, will they still be brother and sister?

  18. rivers kicked their ass

  19. I’d love to have cutler here in Chicago, Rivers has always been a little bitch I havn’t ever liked him he talks way too much, and when he is “talking trash” he sounds more like a whiney voiced pussy. Can’t wait to watch the Patriots dismantle the Chargers again this year, and you can’t say the chargers only talk shit once in a while because I remember in the beginning of the year when they were going to play the bears and LT and Rivers said he was gonna run for over 150 yards… many did he get again 33?

  20. In the words of a man on another thread…I think this sums up rivers….

    “The most telling part is that he didn’t pull that stunt until AFTER he was out of the game. It’s takes a real “man” to run his trap while hiding on the sidelines…”

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  22. Rivers is still playing football. The ponies are not! Swallow that one!!!

  23. Good stuff… who’s going to the AFC Championship? Oh that’s right… it’s Phillip Rivers and the Chargers!

    Even if they lose to the Pats next week (injuries, or just outplayed)… they’re still only second best to the best team that ever graced the grid iron. I know it’s hard for all of you haters to admit, because no one wants to see the Chargers dominate another East Coast team (which they have been doing for the last two seasons). Especially all of the New York based Network announcers hate to admit that. They ALWAYS pick the Bolts to lose to East Coast teams, and then eat their words later. Then when they win, they act like they predicted the Chargers to win all season! Laughable!

    Despite the loss at Green Bay early this season, when the Chargers were still working on the recipe to go 10 wins out of twelve games, and to the AFC Championship… they are still better than the Packers or the Giants. Can you imagine if the Bolts were healthy? The Pats would be facing a lot different team than they faced early this season.

    If the Chargers can go into second seeded Indianapolis, and hand them their asses in a playoff game with their pre-season line-up… don’t you think that they are a scariest opponent than any other team in the NFL that would play the Pats? You can speculate, and player hate all you want about Rivers or the Chargers. They are the second best team in the NFL, after beating the Colts twice this year.

  24. The Packers would beat the Chargers again. Did it in the regular season and would do it again. So they’re the third best team.

    I revoke nothing. Rivers was on the sideline while his backup led the game winning drive and showed how much of a douchebag he is by yapping to the Colts fans in the stands. Congrats, Chargers, and congrats, Norv Turner, as he figured out how to coach — especially when the refs were stacked against him. But your QB is still a fucknozzle that needs to grow up, no matter how well he plays.

  25. Fucknozzle? Let’s review.

    I’ll refer you to “PowayBoyz” comment, earlier in this thread, for whether or not he is good enough to be great.

    “Take a look at the stats on guys like P. Manning, Aikman, and Favre their first two seasons as a starter, and then look at Rivers. You’ll find that Phil has em all beat in all categories including the most important stat of all the win percentage.”

    And for the record, he completed 14 of 19 passes for 264 yards and three touchdowns against the Colts before leaving the game in the third quarter. So, I think he would have continued that awesome streak, had he been healthy enough to stay in the game. I think that justifies bragging rights.

    As for talking to the crowd… Indy fans were giving him shit when he was hurt and in pain, and on the way to the locker room (real classy crowd).
    At the Raiders game they were booing him on the field because the Raiders were losing.
    At the Denver game… Lynch threw LT’s helmet, so that’s what started the bad blood. All great reasons to say “F-You” in any of those situations. I’m glad he did, and I like it. At least it shows emotion.
    Some would argue that it’s unprofessional, but that’s a matter of opinion.

    P.S. – they one all three of those games, even if Rivers wasn’t the reason for two of them.

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  27. Let’s be honest…the Broncos/Chargers shit talkers may as well be arguing over who’s the skinniest kid at fat camp. They both have done shitty this season and ended with almost the same record. So I say, get over it and wait and see what happens next season. Yes, Rivers is an asshole, but who wouldn’t gloat after beating one of their biggest rivals?

    Also, Googly, you must be an incompatent and closed-minded idiot if you think that just because a person is from Colorado and likes living in SoCal they cannot stay true to being a Broncos fan. That is the thing Denver has always had that is not always true for SD–fans who stay loyal no matter what. Hate to say it but SD is known for having inconsistent band-wagon fans.

  28. This analysis couldn’t be more wrong. Are you glad you now have Tebow? Oh wait, the Chargers are still beating the Broncos, with or without your beloved Cutler.

    Rivers backed up his talk once LT left. Top passer in the 2010 season, and a 4-1 record so far this season. Go wallow in your misery Denver.

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