Kornheiser, Do Your Job, Please.


I don’t get to pay attention to much of a Monday Night Football telecast without interruption, because I’m usually at work — and since yesterday was an exception, I was exposed to more of ESPN’s broadcast team of Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, and Tony Kornheiser. Jaws is a more than welcome addition — love having him there — and while I like Kornheiser on PTI, I hate him here now, after last night’s telecast. Allow me to quote from my own live blog at Awful Announcing last night:

“I hear how great [Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson] is, because he’s not on television that much.” – TK

I have a hard time believing that anyone interested in football these days — even casually — has no idea who LaDainian Tomlinson is. Process that again. The man who went #1 in the majority of fantasy football drafts, in a craze that spans millions, is somehow an unknown.  Now, Kornheiser cracks jokes with Mike Wilbon on PTI all the time about how he goes to bed early, how he doesn’t watch all the games — and it proves just how asinine he can be regarding his work. Tony: if you’re going to talk that sort of BS on national television, let someone who loves sports and will watch all the games you won’t have the job.  Do your fucking homework, please.

Is there a point he’s trying to make, that LDT isn’t as well known as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Brett Favre, among others? Probably. Then why not say that, make some qualifications? Ads weren’t the vehicle he had available to him to draw attention to himself until his record-setting season last year — now, he’s pimping HDTVs. It’s a start. But don’t tell me that the people watching don’t know who Tomlinson is. That’s stretching it really thin.


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  1. Kornheiser has been a disgrace to ESPN, which was already the worst football telecast of the week (setting aside the embarrassment that is Bryant Gumbel’s play-by-play.) Even when I had fantasy games on the line, I couldn’t stomach the MNF broadcast this year unless the Bears were playing, and even then I was hating life.

    I never thought I could miss Paul Maguire, but good God almighty, Kornheiser is terrible. Maybe I’m not seeing him at his best in a season where his clear favorite team is busting everybody’s chops, but the man can drag Tom Brady into any conversation — and worse, sees no reason not to. TK’s witless jabbering and homerism may be all right on sports commentary shows (which are just one small step above sports talk radio in my opinion) but it has no place in a football telecast.

    To even feign ignorance of the guy who was the NFL’s offensive MVP last year (for fuck’s sake!) and set a touchdown record that nobody is going to even get close to for the rest of the decade…that’s just pathetic.

  2. Maguire is still horrific, but I’ll say this for him, Griese, and Nessler — at least he gives us some entertaining fuck-ups. Kornheiser has the sin of being wrong and boring.

  3. Gotta agree with you Ajax.

    Tim F.
    Denver Broncos News.

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