Cheap Shots #87: We’re Gus Johnson Fan Club Members.

  • AA interviews my favorite football announcer. [Awful Announcing]
  • An interview with a slightly sidelined Dick Vitale. [35 Seconds]
  • Cam Cameron might not be sticking around with the Tuna coming to town. [Rumors and Rants]
  • Larry Walker’s shelling out the big G’s for a Christmas light display. [Sports by Brooks, who also has a nice redesign up and going]
  • More faux interviews with hideous men, this one with Lee Corso. [Black Heart, Gold Pants]
  • LeBron James and the implications of a sideline bump of coach Mike Brown. [Sports on My Mind]
  • Alhassan Bangura is playing soccer to avoid getting some valuable parts cut off. [The Beautiful Game]
  • The punchable faces of Phil Mickelson. [Food Court Lunch]
  • Making the “character” argument regarding the Hall of Fame, steroids, and HGH in baseball isn’t the right tack. [One More Dying Quail]
  • Japanese players, making inroads in college basketball. [Storming the Floor]

By the way, I apologize for lack of content this week. It’s been a week of suck at work. I’ll try and catch up a little over the weekend, but Christmas Eve and day posting aside from an MNF live-blog at Awful Announcing isn’t happening.


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