Bellotti to Westwood?

Wouldn’t have even thought of it, but the L.A. Times is on it, as is the Oregonian, and the Bruins Nation die-hards are squealing with the possibility. So, that makes a coaching candidate who could actually make USC fans shake a little, as he’s 5-3 against the Pete Carroll-era Trojans, and has led teams to BCS bowl games — and close to the verges of national championships (it’s a safe bet that his Oregon team this year would be playing for one if Dennis Dixon’s ACL hadn’t given out.)

Money isn’t a problem — his buyout is cheap (under $500K) and he only pulls in just over a million, so UCLA can offer a raise. Thing is, is he doing the latest coach-style maneuver and trying to wring a raise out of the University of Nike? Plausible. Let us not forget that he is a college football coach, and if they want to keep him, Phil Knight can open the wallet. But, as floated, former offensive assistant Chris Petersen is waiting at Boise for an opening to possibly take over at Eugene two years after replacing Dan Hawkins in Boise.

We my have ourselves a nice little domino effect coming if this pans out. The talent level isn’t as high for Bellotti to start with — he may have to adjust to losing to USC for a year while trying to build an offense where none existed.


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