My Hypocritical Embrace of Bowl Season.

I say “hypocritical” because I drink deeply of BCS hate every year, and think that most of these small bowl games have the capacity to be boring as hell — and some will be. There are quite a few of these matchups in the first week that you can’t make me care about, and my full attention won’t really be there until the Holiday Bowl — don’t lie and say you won’t watch Arizona State vs. Texas — that’s a good interconference game we don’t get to see a whole lot any more.

But I’m gonna be sneaking peeks at Navy-Utah in the Poinsettia Bowl — not only because watching the triple option is not only fun and beneficial to the enjoyment of the game (I scam free tickets to Cal Poly, which runs the same system, so I’m used to watching it), but that’s a match-up on paper that looks like fun. Non-conference games have become such a cupcake fest over the past few years that the bowl season is the sole time where we get to view interconference games that would be more likely to happen if teams weren’t afraid to schedule seriously (and I can slag the Big Ten all I want, I’m dying for OSU-USC next year.) Here’s the list of bowl games, non-BCS, that I will make all valiant attempts to watch or, if moved, potentially live-blog somewhere:

  • Poinsettia: Utah-Navy, the first one, and for obvious reasons.
  • Las Vegas: BYU-UCLA, solely for the mention of how many times the Bruins’ head coaching search comes up.
  • Hawai’i: Boise State-East Carolina — watching the Broncos at every opportunity.
  • Holiday: ASU-Texas, hell yes, and doubly so for the co-ed shots in San Diego.
  • Champs Sports: BC-Michigan State — for the “NFL-ready”play of Matt Ryan, and because Michigan State is the streakiest, most schizo team in D-IA football not called Tennessee
  • Liberty: UCF- Mississippi State — Kevin Smith is a beast in the backfield.
  • Independence: CU-Alabama — Hey, Nick Saban — THIS IS DIVISION ONE FOOTBALL, BROTHER.  Let Ralphie run free.
  • Humanitarian: Fresno State-Georgia Tech, because Pat Hill’s Mustache Riders should be able to knock off this headless beast called the Rambling Wreck.
  • Music City: Florida State-Kentucky, if only to watch Bobby Bowden get put in his place with massive academic scandal. Plus, Andre’ Woodson. Over/under on mentions of the 20 suspended: 15.
  • Chick-Fil-A: Clemson-Auburn. Liked it better when it was the Peach Bowl, but this year it is the “Coaches Who Jacked Around With Arkansas for Raises” Bowl.
  • Outback: Tennessee-Wisconsin. More interconference fun that should happen more often. Honestly don’t know whom to pick here.
  • Cotton: Mizzou-Arkansas. Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, Chase Daniel, Jeremy Maclin. Duh.
  • Gator: Virginia-Texas Tech. Lubbock Pirate Academy goes against Chris Long and Wahoo Wah defensive studs. Yarr.
  • Capital One: Lloyd Carr will need an entire garbage truck of kittens and a “PROPERTY OF TIM TEBOW” T-shirt after this one.

2 Responses

  1. People always complain about the number of bowl games, but I don’t seem to mind having such a large number. Hey, if you don’t want to watch turn the T.V. off. Navy and Utah isn’t too bad of a game. It does have at least some storylines. That is more than some (cough, cough, Humanitarian or New Orleans Bowl.

  2. […] My Hypocritical Embrace of Bowl Season. […]

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