Time Magazine Should Probably Leave The Sports Lists To SI.

Or at least consult the scribes at SI when it puts together a Top 10 Best Sports Moments of the Year list for its current issue. I certainly don’t object to the miraculous series of laterals that was the Trinity University win being on the list. I’d also like to call “shenanigans” on Sean Gregory — the list online, complete with video, is different from what was published. Here is the published version:

  1. Trinity University’s 15-lateral touchdown
  2. Peyton and the Colts beat the Pats in the AFC Championship
  3. Matt Holliday’s slide against the Padres
  4. LeBron James’ 45 points against the Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals
  5. David Beckham in America
  6. App State over Michigan
  7. Angel Cabrera winning the U.S. Open in golf
  8. Federer-Nadal Wimbledon final
  9. Australia winning cricket’s World Cup
  10. Midges swarming around Joba Chamberlain in the AL Division Series

If you were a sports fan who had no particular reason to look up the list online, you might say that’s a bit fucked up. The online version of the list subs in Bonds’ record homer, the Tim Donaghy mess, the Patriots’ video-taping mess, and the Warriors’ first round upset of the Mavs. Still, what happened to this?

I mean, hell, no offense Trinity, but that’s on a bigger, better level than those 15 laterals.  Oh, wait — there’s a separate Top 10 Sports Matches list that never made the dead tree, and you’re #1 there, Boise, being even bigger than Peyton beating the Pats last year. So why did Peyton, LeBron, Club Fed and Rafa, and the Rockies cross over?  Probably publication space — although the Broncos may suffer from their moment happening on New Year’s Day, and the memory has a short attention span.

I know these things are circle jerks — any Top 10 list of anything automatically is, by nature — but don’t try to have it both ways. You can’t separate it online yet combine the features in print; it looks like an incomplete list — especially when Bonds’ 756 and Boise State over Oklahoma are left out of the print issue.


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