Channel 4 News League, Wild Card Playoff Round.

The top two seeds (Larry Brown’s I Roll W/ Chris Henry and RUTS’ Twisted Fister) were off; now let’s see whom their opponents will be:

I Love Lamp 90.58, Haywood Jablome 80.50 – I’m still trying to figure out how Jon Kitna could have sucked that much against San Diego last Sunday and still rack up 19 fantasy points. Either way, in fantasy terms, Tony Romo’s divebombing of a performance in front of his Succubus Jessica is what cost Ted the game against AA.

Brady’s Fuck Trophy 124.68, Jazz Fluties 83.74 – OMDQ puts all his trust in Purple Jesus — All Day grabbed 23 points, and 19 from the Chargers defense got him the win over Extra P., who only had Vince Young show up to play.

This Week: The Fuck Trophy goes up against the Fister, the incredibly lucky Lamp takes on top seed Chris Henry, and the Fluties and Haywood will square off in the fifth place game.


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