The Red Zone: Week 15, Late Games.

Eagles 10, Cowboys 6 – My particular guess is that Jessica Simpson is a bad luck talisman for Tony Romo — trying to show off for Ms. Chicken of the Sea, he threw three picks against a swarming Eagles defense that didn’t let up. The last time he sucked so badly was when then-squeeze Carrie Underwood was in the stands in a game last year. Donovan McNabb threw one TD pass to Reggie Brown, and David Akers added a field goal.

Chargers 51, Lions 14 – Ouch. Jon Kitna is picked five times in this one. LaDainian Tomlinson ran for over 100 yards and two scores in the first half; imagine what he could have done in the second, but Darren Sproles did the rushing with 122 yards and two more scores. A thorough rout, as the Lions sink back to where they’re used to being.

Colts 21, Raiders 14 – Indy likes to make wrapping up a first round bye interesting. The Raiders actually were leading at the start of the fourth quarter, as their defense had kept Indy’s O out of the end zone all game. Peyton Manning threw a late touchdown to regain the lead with 4:49 left on the clock, and Joseph Addai converted the 2-point try afterwards to lock it up.

Redskins 22, Giants 10 – There’s really no good way to throw in the Meadowlands when it’s as windy as it was in Giants Stadium.  Eli Manning either had his receivers dropping the ball constantly or throwing behind behind them at bad times, mostly in the red zone.  Todd Collins managed to acquit himself well after a 0-8 start throwing the ball by handing off to Clinton Portis and Ladell Betts, who ate up the yardage on the ground and got the scores necessary.

Photo: Getty Images/Brian Bahr


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