Above The Rim: The Return of the King.

Cavaliers 118, Pacers 105 – Off the bench, at least. LeBron James came back from a finger injury with 17 points in 22 minutes off the bench.  Larry Hughes did him one better in a sixth man role — cashing in 36 points in 26 minutes against a struggling Pacer team.

Clippers 91, Nets 82 –  The Nets are in something really bad right now, losing eight of their last nine and losing to even more decimated teams.  Tim Thomas and Chris Kaman put up 18 a piece on a team that can’t keep it together. New Jersey shot 32 percent from the floor and 20% in the fourth quarter alone.

Warriors 96, Spurs 84 – It’s hard to measure up a victory against the Spurs if Tim Duncan isn’t on the floor, but in the regular season, you’ll take every win you can get.  Golden State only shot 39 percent but got good games from Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, and Matt Barnes. Matt Bonner led the Spurs in scoring, which is probably an issue — Manu Ginobili only had 13.

Bulls 123, Sonics 96 – Kevin Durant is going through a very serious learning curve when beat-down teams like the Bulls are taking the Sonics for some serious punishment.

Raptors 100, Hawks 88 – The bigger concern is for point guard T.J. Ford, who took a hard foul from Hawks forward Al Horford and had to be taken to the hospital (Ford has a history of back and neck problems.)  Toronto was able to open a one-point lead at the beginning of the fourth quarter to double digits.

Photo: AP/Tony Dejak


One Response

  1. Ford was having a ridiculous game before that injury. That rainbow from rthe right baseline hit the rafters b4 it when in. hope he is OK.

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