Cheap Shots #85: We Heart Le Anne Schreiber.

  • ESPN’s ombudswoman lays the smack down on Colin Cowherd re: Sean Taylor. [The Big Lead]
  • David Segui cops to steroid use. [Steroid Nation]
  • The Neckbeard That Is Kyle Orton is starting for the Bears at QB next Monday. [Foul Balls]
  • Hmmm….CBS opens an ESPN Zone-style restaurant in the Patriots’ complex. Conflict of interest, anyone? [Awful Announcing]
  • Michigan just can’t quit Les Miles. [MGoBlog]
  • Erin Andrews would never sully herself with Andre Ware. EVER. (Tell OMDQ it would never be so, Erin. Please.) [EDSBS]
  • A “Free Mike Vick” T-shirt. Really, Roddy White? [The Hater Nation]
  • “England is mine, it owes me everything.” Like, maybe, its national soccer team, Moz? [Can’t Stop the Bleeding]

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