The Red Zone: Week 14, Early Games.

Wine + White Russians + G&T = PAIN. Yay, office holiday parties! The hangover wears off as I write now…

Packers 38, Raiders 7 – Two special teams touchdowns from Will Blackmon (punt return and fumble recovery on a punt) solidify a victory powered by two TDs from Brett Favre’s arm and another 100+ rushing effort from Ryan Grant.

Cowboys 28, Lions 27 – God has forsaken Jon Kitna. An inability to fall on a late fumble instead of going for a TD gave the ball back to the Cowboys, and Tony Romo connected with Jason Witten for a TD with only seconds left. Marion the Barbarian had 3 scores for the Boys, coming back from a double-digit deficit.

Chargers 23, Titans 17 – Just an ugly muck-up of a game that went into an ugly muck-up of overtime until LaDainian Tomlinson scored to end it. This game gave us both snaps taken under center by Billy Volek and Kerry Collins, and an injury a minute, along with a Titans collapse that would have been the one to speak of if Detroit didn’t blow its lead so spectacularly.

Bengals 19, Rams 10 – I’m surprised it was even this close, but that’s how crappy the Bengals have been this year. One Rudi Johnson TD plus four Shayne Graham field goals for the win over a Rams team led by Brock Berlin at QB.

Bills 38, Dolphins 17 – Jesus, Miami sucks so much. Four TD passes for Trent Edwards (2 to Lee Evans, two to TE Robert Royal) and both Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch rushed for over 100 yards.

Texans 28, Buccaneers 14 – I’m not getting used to this Sage-Rosenfels-as-winning-starting-QB thing, but throwing for three TDs against Tampa Bay has to count for something.

Giants 16, Eagles 13 – I knew the Giants would sneak out with this one. One Eli to Plax TD and three field goals accounted for the NY scores while Philly got a TD from Brian Westbrook. David Akers missed a long FG off the upright at the end, and McNabb is going to be run out of town before next season.

Jaguars 37, Panthers 6 – John Fox should be looking at the want ads for defensive coordinators. David Garrard throws for two TDs and Fred Taylor has another on a 100+ yard rushing day.

Photo: AP/Morry Gash


3 Responses

  1. Packers quickly returned to form.

  2. Yup, the Packers were ballin. Go Pack Go!

  3. My Bills tearing it up!!! The crazy thing about the day was the fact that Edwards only completed eleven passes!

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