Cheap Shots #84: Laird Hamilton, Bad-Ass.

Tapped out. Long week at work. Hope to have something later after sleeping.

  • Laird Hamilton gets crushed by 80-foot wave, makes tourniquet for surfing partner to save his leg. [Sports by Brooks]
  • How would the Dream Team go against the current USA b-ball squad? Ask bloggers. [With Malice]
  • Did Brian Cashman screw the pooch on the Johan Santana trade? [Stop Mike Lupica]
  • Steve Nash, by nature of being a point guard, is the altruistic sort. Some in his country of origin wish he were more so regarding playing for its national team. [You Been Blinded]
  • The NFL’s most hatable people. [Rumors and Rants]
  • Roger Staubauch, lover of sex. [Deuce of Davenport]
  • Defending the NFL Network’s hard-line stance against the cable companies. [The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes]
  • Anyone wanna pay for Eric Gagne? [Ump Bump]
  • JoePa’s induction speech into the College Football Hall of Fame. [Run Up The Score]
  • Lute Olson isn’t coming back to the Arizona bench this season. [Storming the Floor]

Finally, a video from Fantasy Humor on the disturbing trend hitting fantasy football:


2 Responses

  1. Love that clip… it’s hilarious. One of my readers sent it in to me…

  2. I saw a program a week or so ago on Discovery HD about surfing, and among other things, they showed Laird and his tow-in surfing buddies tackling these huge waves. If I saw waves that big, I’d be crapping my trunks. They are some crazy bastards…

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