A Fool and His Money, Week 14.

Guhhhhh. If you’re using me as any sort of guide to make picks, please stop. I’m just doing this for my own amusement at this point after going 5-11 last week. 99-93 on the season, home teams in bold.

Bears (+3.5) over Redskins – Joe Gibbs is going to screw it up late again. There’s no way around this.

Bills (-7.5) over Dolphins – You could make it two touchdowns and I’d still take Buffalo. Always bet against the winless.

Cowboys (-10.5) over Lions – Detroit has a pathetic secondary and a passing attack that’s falling apart because Mike Martz is allergic to rushing the football (not that his offensive line could bust any holes for Kevin Jones anyway.)

Bengals (-6.5) over Rams – Healthy quarterback over concussed, regularly injured one. Plus, the Bengals are likely to play better at home.

Packers (-10.5) over Raiders – I’m not convinced of the Raiders’ improvement due to Denver’s defense being absolute crap. Green Bay’s D-line will give the Raiders more trouble.

Buccaneers (-2.5) over Texans – Defensive game, but just enough margin to permit Tampa to cover.

Jaguars (-10.5) over Panthers – No real thought necessary. Have you watched the Panthers against any team not from San Francisco?

Giants (+2.5) over Eagles – Why do I think Eli Manning can pull another one out of his ass? Because the Giants D will do it for him. Donovan McNabb is planning to start, which means Andy Reid will lose his mind and not call a balanced game again. Expect Donny Mac to be on the ground a lot.

Chargers (-1.5) over Titans – Rushing against a D-line with Albert Haynesworth is no one’s idea of fun, but the Chargers may have figured out how to ignore Norv and produce.

Vikings (-8.5) over 49ers – Less a vote of confidence in the Vikes so much as having none in San Francisco.

Cardinals (+7.5) over Seahawks – This game is always closer than everyone thinks, and it’s the NFC West. Arizona won the first match-up this season, too.

Steelers (+13.5) over Patriots – Pick the Steelers to win outright at your own peril, but I feel safe enough with a cover pick for them.

Broncos (-6.5) over Chiefs – Denver may be struggling badly, but they can still hand the Chiefs their asses, as evidenced earlier this season.

Browns (-3.5) over Jets – The Jets have two wins against Miami and one against Pittsburgh. Not exactly a stellar record. Take Cleveland on the road.

Ravens (+9.5) over Colts – I just think it will be a touchdown win, not more than that. Willis McGahee was going well last week, and that ought to continue.

Saints (-4.5) over Falcons – No defense on either end, shootout approaching. Give me the team with an actual quarterback instead of Chris Redman, who really doesn’t count.


3 Responses

  1. Steelers are +10.5 now… would you still pick them??

  2. […] was nothing fancy about this week-I did the usual checking of the Yahoo! experts picks and Signal To Noise’s picks from Thursday, made a few adjustments, and voila! After falling short so many times, my risky picks […]

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