Cheap Shots #83: Pretty In Pink?

  • A possible Title IX suit over the U. of Iowa’s visiting locker room in Kinnick Stadium. [Steroid Nation]
  • Kentucky men’s hoops player Alex Legion transfers after six games; his mother claims to be a prophet and he may have been swayed by his pastor slamming the vice in Lexington. [The Meaningful Collateral]
  • The Raptors’ point guard showdown. [Food Court Lunch]
  • Red Sox fan writes song begging team not to trade Jacoby Ellsbury. [Ladies…]
  • An excellent take on the lessons to take away from Sean Taylor’s murder. [Sports on My Mind]
  • The NBA is now fitting coaches and players with microphones during games, and fining teams that don’t take part. I hope they mic up Rasheed Wallace; that will end this in a hurry. [Sports Media Watch]
  • Newly elected Hall of Fame manager Dick Williams apparently flogged it in public. [Sports by Brooks]
  • John Maine apparently asked women if he could try on their dresses for $200. [Page Six]
  • Give the Dugout guys Elijah Dukes getting traded to the Nationals to join Dmitri Young and hilarity’s what you get. [AOL Fanhouse]

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