Cheap Shots #82: What I Did On Vacation in L.A.

  1. Wound up contributing to a bar food review while watching Broncos-Bears; I’m a big fan of the Happy Endings waitresses. [Ladies…]
  2. Louisville Cardinals feel like partying and putting Kragthorpe on the hot seat. [The Meaningful Collateral]
  3. A Game of Shadows movie? Shouldn’t they wait until the ending is written? [Steroid Nation]
  4. Indoor tickets for an NHL game played outdoors? I’m confused. [Going Five Hole]
  5. Defending Philip Rivers’ telling San Diego fans to shut up. [Rumors and Rants]
  6. Media on Sean Taylor: (sings) “He had it coming! He had it coming! He only had himself to blame!” [The Naughty American]
  7. A gaffe on a caption about Taylor on CNN pisses off…Hugo Chavez? [Sports by Brooks]
  8. Someone at Esquire is either having a good laugh at slipping Tom Brady’s name into a “Sexiest Woman Alive” contest or just suffered a huge Freudian slip. [Awful Announcing]
  9. The city of Jacksonville (not its government, the city itself) sounds off on being the home of the ACC championship game tomorrow. [EDSBS]
  10. Entertaining non-profile profile of Pete Carroll, although any time a writer comes up with a conceit like “this is not a profile”, it makes me think that he’s more enamored of himself than the subject. Still, good piece. [Los Angeles Magazine]

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