Above The Rim: I Am Amused By Your Futility.

Celtics 104, Knicks 59 – When a last second Nate Robinson three-point shot is the thing that saves you from setting a new franchise low for points in a game, then maybe it’s time to question (yet again) the direction in which your head of basketball ops and head coach is taking the team in. By all accounts, the Knicks became a better team on paper in the off-season — but it doesn’t translate onto the court at times.  Paul Pierce and Ray Allen both scored 20+ in under 30 minutes of action, and Robinson was the only Knick to score in double figures thanks to that last second shot.

Added bonus: Kevin Garnett talking to Craig Sager about his fashion sense after the game.

Lakers 127, Nuggets 99 – I watched the majority of this game too while listening to Packers-Cowboys on the radio, and every time you watch the Nuggets’ efforts to play defense, or hear the commentators talk about playing defense on that team, it means they’re probably not going to play it. Denver owned the first half in terms of flow and tempo, yet mistakes allowed the Lakers to keep it close going into halftime, and when they outscored the Nuggets by 20 points in the third quarter, you kind of had the sense that the game was over and it was going to be ugly later on.

Warriors 113, Rockets 94 – Golden State started 0-6 without Stephen Jackson but have now won 8 of their last 9 games, with Al Harrington outplaying Yao Ming and the fast paced Warriors displaying a style that Rick Adelman was brought in to Houston to emulate in some form.  Playing single games against quick teams like the Warriors with their two-star style is tough for the Rockets, as Yao’s game isn’t about the up-down court movement.

Photo: AP/Elise Amendola


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